Atwood Memorial Center Promotional Space Procedures for Student Organizations and Campus Departments

Kiosk and table areas

Reservation Guidelines

St. Cloud State University student organizations and university departments may reserve a kiosk or table area up to one semester in advance. Each group or event is limited to having only five future dates scheduled per semester. (In other words, if you have five days booked, you must wait until one day has been used before you can reserve another.) If your student organization is co-sponsoring an event with an off-campus group, you must complete the co-sponsorship waiver request form at the time the reservation is made in the Atwood Administration Office (AMC 110). (See the Co-sponsorship Policy for further explanation and form)

Credit card sales or promotions will not be allowed in Atwood Memorial Center (AMC) or AMC Mall except for those situations where a charge card is provided as an incidental service to a product or service (e.g., phone calling cards that can only be used to charge calls). Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union and other official SCSU credit card programs are exempt from this policy.

To make reservation requests:

  • Submit your request on-line for a table or kiosk;
  • Stop in the AMC #110 office and fill out a promotional space request form;
  • Call (320) 308-INFO (4636), or
  • Send an e-mail message to

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Organization or Department name
  • Date and time needed
  • E-mail address (campus only)
  • Reason for the use of the space
  • Number attending
  • Setup required

Cancellations/No Shows

Use of kiosks or table areas are free for SCSU Student Organizations and University Departments promoting events to the campus community. While student organizations are not charged rental rates, they will be assessed a $25 fee if they do not show and fail to cancel the reservation. The first offense in any semester will result in a warning letter. The second offense will result in a fine. Atwood Policy states: "Groups failing to cancel a reservation will receive a warning after the first infraction and a $25 penalty for each occurrence thereafter." To cancel a reservation, stop in the scheduling office (Atwood 110) or call (320) 308-2905 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Frequent last-minute cancellations or non-use of reserved facilities will affect a group's ability to make future reservations and may result in a fee.

Food and Beverages

  1. No food or beverage will be sold or served in Atwood Memorial Center (AMC) or on the adjacent malls, unless purchased through or prepared by, Sodexo, AMC Convenience Store and/or AMC.  This is in accordance with Minnesota State Law, St. Cloud State University and MnSCU policies, as well as the existing contracts.  (See Food and Beverage Policy).
  2. Other policies
    1. The possession or use of intoxicants in Atwood Memorial Center is prohibited.
    2. Food is permitted in the Theatre. However, food is not to be served in the Theatre.
    3. Potlucks are not allowed. This does not include individuals within an office area of Atwood who would like to host a potluck.

General Information

Kiosks are 4 x 2 1/2 feet with one shelf, two stools and a clip in the front for a poster. Six-foot tables are used in the table areas. A maximum of three six-foot tables can be used in a 10' x 10' area. Violations of space policies will result in losing the privilege to use space for the remainder of the current semester. Violations include, but are not limited to: failure to keep space clean, failure to cancel reservations in advance, using the space for a different purpose than originally planned, improper use of an organization's name, or unacceptable volume of audio equipment.

Groups are responsible for removing and storing their materials and supplies. Items left behind at the end of a reservation will be discarded.

Anyone using promotional space is required to stay behind the table/kiosk when distributing material or recruiting.

Unattended space will be given to the next group requesting space.


A representative from your organization must check in with the Atwood 110 office before setting up. This is extremely important since 2 or 3 groups might use each space on one day. If you do not show up within 30 minutes of your reservation time, your space will be given to the first group that requests it. Your organization will be given a no show warning or fine.

Audio Visual Equipment

Outlets are located near kiosks and tables. A limited number of TV/VCR/DVD's are available in Atwood. You may request a TV/VCR or TV/DVD when requesting promotional space. Volume must not disturb others in adjacent area.


Procedures for the Grill

The Atwood grill is for use on the mall only and is restricted to student organization fundraisers on class days and to food service.

See: Grill Procedures

Procedures for the Corn Popper

Atwood has one popcorn popper. You must reserve the machine with the receptionist in Atwood 110. Popcorn and oil must be purchased on your own or at the Information Desk.

Failure to clean the floor area and the popcorn machine will result in denial of future use of the popcorn machine. The popper will not be allowed to leave Atwood Memorial Center or Atwood Mall. The group reserving the machine is responsible for any damages.


An easel is available at the bottom of each side the main staircase (on the main level) to promotion events taking place in Atwood on the day of the event. Conferences/events using multiple meeting rooms may reserve up to 20 easels to use for sign displays, directional purposes, registration or to identify individual workshop sessions. Atwood has also installed clips near each meeting room entrance door to hang posters/signs which can reduce the need for easels. Atwood Memorial Center easels will not be permitted to leave the building. For use of easels outside of Atwood Memorial Center or beyond the Atwood Mall, contact Buildings and Grounds (308-2266).


We have two locations to display posters: 1) grip strips on the main level (outside the Theater Lounge entrance); 2) bridge area above the main stairways to the lower level (10 spaces available on the bridge). The poster space is intended for SCSU Organizations, Departments and Tri-College postings. One poster (must be dated) per event is allowed per posting location. Poster size must be between 18" x 24" and 24" x 32". Poster material must be firm enough so that in can be hung by clips and not taped. Posters may be taken down without notice and discarded after the event time has passed. If you wish to save your poster, you must remove it by the building closing time, the day of the event.

Tack Strips

Tack strips available in the lower level hallway are intended for SCSU Organizations, Departments and Tri-College postings. One flyer or poster (must be dated) per event is allowed per posting location. The tack strips are available for postings smaller than 18” x 24”. Posting information is displayed by each posting strip. Flyers and other promotions are discarded after the date of the event being promoted has passed. We encourage the use of recycled paper or recyclable paper. The designated space for students running for Student Government office, Homecoming and Winter Week royalty is the tack strip area on the south side in the hallway at the bottom of the main stairs in Atwood Memorial Center.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards available in Atwood are intended for SCSU Organizations, Departments and Tri-College postings. There are posting locations on each level of the building. One flyer or poster (must be dated) per event is allowed per posting location. The largest poster size allowed is 18" x 24". Each bulletin board will have the policies posted on that board. We encourage groups to use recycled or recyclable paper. Outdated and improperly posted posters will be taken down daily and destroyed. Posting is prohibited on windows, walls and pillars in Atwood Memorial Center.

There are four different types of posting space:

Student organizations, campus departments and tri-college

  • Off-campus sponsors/organizations
  • 3" x 5" note cards and personal posters (for sale, roommate wanted, lost or found, etc.)
  • Job posting and personnel notices

Magnetic Overhead Sign Holders

Magnetic sign holders are available for use in hanging overhead in walkways. Sign holders are available on a first-come, first-served basis each day through the Atwood #110 office and cannot be reserved. Posting can only be used to promote (or provide directions for) events the day of the event. Ticket sales will be considered events. Signs may not be more than 24" in height and up to 48" in width when posted overhead in walkways. Signs must not visually block exit signs. Poster board works best in sign holders. Two-sided posters are suggested for walkway postings.

Atwood-Centennial Walkway Windows

Three central windows on both the north and south side of the Atwood-Centennial walkway will be available for use as poster space. The three window spaces are designated to: Student Government, University Programming and the Department of Campus Involvement. Organizations will be allowed to display computer generated posters that are 72" x 42" or smaller. The content and duration of the materials hung will be managed by the department responsible for the window. Atwood staff will be responsible for hanging and removing materials. Posters or banners will be hung in the evenings by the Building Managers. Materials need to be dropped off at the Information Desk.

Glass Display Cases

The display cases in the hallway outside of Student Life and Development and in the hallway outside of Campus Card can be reserved through the Center for Student Organizations and Leadership Development (CSOLD) - Phone: 308-3004. The cases outside the Ballroom can be reserved through the University Programming Board (UPB) - Phone: 308-2205.

Table Tents

Table tents may be placed on food service area tables only. The following criteria must be followed:

  • Recognized student organizations and SCSU campus departments are allowed to use table tents in Atwood.
  • The event must be on campus and open to all students.
  • The table tents must be approved by the Atwood Administration Office (AMC 110) before table tents can be displayed.
  • We recommend the table tents be made of sturdy recyclable or recycled paper.
  • Table tents can be displayed for a maximum of two weeks.

Mall Space: Atwood/Stewart/Performing Arts

The Mall is intended primarily for the safety, convenience and pleasure of pedestrians. All persons wishing to use the Mall for other purposes such as advertisements, promotions, decorations, sales, displays, parades, and demonstrations must make a request to reserve mall space through the AMC 110 scheduling office which can be done on-line.

Flag Pole Usage Policy

Of the two poles that Atwood has, one pole will be reservable. Up to two (2) flags may be on the pole for your reservation. Flags can be no larger than 5 x 8 and no smaller than 3 x 5. All flags must be made by a professional flag company. Only Student Organizations or departments located in AMC can reserve the space. Booking time periods will be (Monday-Thursday) and (Friday-Sunday). Only two (2) bookings at a time can be in the reservation system for any semester. If a groups has a reservation for a flag other than a country’s flag they must submit an explanation of their flag so that AMC staff can answer questions regarding their flag. No flags for political candidates and no political party or referendum related flags will be allowed two weeks before an election. Flags that are created specifically to promote an event will not be allowed. Flag rules and regulations will follow standard flag etiquette for the U.S. and Minnesota flag. AMC is not responsible for storing flags beyond 48 hours after it comes down.


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