Mall Reservation Request Form

If the reservation request is within the next 2 working days please submit your request below and follow up via a phone call to Kathy McLeod at (320) 308-2905.

On-Campus Organizations & Departments

Please refer to Promotional Space Procedures for Student Organizations and Campus Departments.

Put a check mark next to your preference. If the area requested is not available, you will be assigned the next closest area. See Sodexo immediately if you need food or beverage for your event. 

Front Porch
Stewart Side
Performing Arts Center Side
All Mall Areas
Grill/propane ($15.00 per day fee) - See Grill Procedures
The Atwood grill is for use on the mall only.

Number of Tables Needed:   
Number of Chairs Needed:   

Person making the request
Class Project/Instructor
Email address
(enter only 1 address)
Phone Number
SCSU recognized organization or department name

Organization or department on-campus mailing address

Position held in your organization
Date(s) Needed
LIMIT: You may have 5 future dates for your organization or department
Times Needed Starting at am pm
Ending at am pm
Please give a very specific description of what you plan to do:
Any other needs?

NO SHOW POLICY:  Non-use of reserved space or groups failing to cancel a reservation will affect a group's ability to make future reservations and will result in a $25.00 fee.  If you do not show up within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time, it will be considered a no-show. 

Please remember that this is only a request, we cannot guarantee your area. Wait for your confirmation which will be sent to the E-mail address provided.

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