Sustainability in Atwood Center

Welcome to Atwood’s sustainability website. Here, you’ll be able to find out about how Atwood Center has made an effort to become a sustainable hub of activity on campus and how you - the student, staff, or faculty member – can do your part for sustainability in Atwood. You will also be able to learn more about sustainability in other places on campus and in general.


Sustainability – do your part for Atwood!


Water bottle fill stations

In the last year, Atwood has made an effort decrease the amount of plastic water bottles bought and discarded by student by providing Water Bottle Fill Stations. It is the great resources used unnecessarily and the waste of bottled water that inspired Atwood to make this station available for use by students and the campus community. Buy your own reusable water bottle or use an old one and fill it at one of the two stations in Atwood or simply, use a water fountain on campus. You can buy a stainless steel water bottle from the Information Desk in Atwood Center.


Water Bottle Fill Station  Water is a human right, not a commodity


Atwood has been at the forefront of recycling efforts on campus. Look for the recycling receptacles and make sure to think and carefully follow the recycling instructions.


Recycle Poster: Recycle. It keeps us GREEN!   Recycling receptacles




Carpooling and Rideshare Service

Have a look at this underused carpool arrangement service provided by Atwood Center:


More Sustainability in Atwood


6th Street Grill

  • Wrappers and bags are made from biodegradable plastic
  • Don’t forget to check out the Veggie Burger

Printing on Both Sides

Printing using printers in Atwood Center is done on both sides (duplex printing) by default. Don’t forget to think before you print as wasteful printing is a wasteful practice.


Climate neutral Cool Carpet

Atwood has had climate neutral Cool Carpet installed. Read the certificate just outside AMC 110. The offsets of this carpet generate environmental benefits equivalent to:

  • 64,641 pounds of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • 3,328 gallons of gasoline not consumed
  • 4 households worth of electricity use avoided for one year
  • 5 passenger cars not driven for one year

The Husky Fried Ride

In 2008, the Husky Fried Ride was launched. It is a collaboration between several departments on campus. The bus uses used vegetable oil as fuel. Learn more from this news release.


Husky Fried Ride bus


Farmer's Market

Atwood has been hosting an annual Farmer's Market since 2009. The market offers community residents and the SCSU campus many fresh, locally grown and produced items to enjoy. Atwood's market promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

In 2011, Atwood's Farmers Market wanted to give back to the greater St. Cloud Community by donating fresh produce to the Anna Marie’s Women’s Shelter & the Catholic Charities Food Shelf. The goal was met with tremendous success as the farmers stepped up and donated 246.7 lbs. of food during the seven week season.


Farmer's Market


Learn about what can and cannot be recycled on campus:

American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment

Sustainability News and Information on Campus

Just ask us for more information.

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