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2013 Faculty and Staff Testimonials

Kristin Portz
Professor of Accounting

I give to the University Campaign because it is a really easy and convenient way to do a good thing!  All our contributions combined add up to some significant money that can keep our University moving forward.  I think any way we can support our students and programs will pay off in a better learning and work environment for everyone.  I hope lots of us on campus will consider making a contribution this year.  It is simple, yet vital way of supporting all the good things we do at St. Cloud State.

Valerie Knopp '92 '10
Assistant Director
Financial Aid Office

Giving to the University Campaign allows me to pay forward what I received from St. Cloud State (SCSU). As a student, scholarships helped me to study abroad in France and Germany. The relationships I made while living with home stay families continue today and inspired me to host many SCSU international students over the years. As a parent, my son, who experienced severe speech delays as a child, benefited immensely from the speech therapy program of the Communication Sciences and Disorder department. Over the years I’ve been able to increase my donation from a small amount per year to now giving to the President’s Club. Any gift - no matter the amount - is invaluable to our students. Hundreds of University programs even let you designate which you want to support. A payroll deduction option makes giving very convenient. Please sincerely consider making a donation in any amount (even if it’s just the price of a morning coffee, tea, or soda) gift is too small.

Linda Grainger
Office Manager
College of Fine Arts & Humanities

The reason that I give to the University Campaign is to help students when I can.  Students are our future and in the financial state our country is in right now, we all need to help to secure a future for our children and grandchildren.  What better feeling is there than to give a person a chance to get a good education and make something of themselves for their future.  No matter what amount you give it will help in some way.  Signing up for a payroll deduction or even just writing a one time check will definitely help to secure the future of our state and country.  Thank you and please donate.

Dennis Mergen
Associate Director
Lindgren Child Care Center

Being able to dedicate my gift to a specific area is very significant to me.  Each person has the opportunity to give to their interest and see this gift be used for its intended purpose, whether it is curriculum, training, scholarship, etc...   Participating in this process first hand makes me feel like an integral part of the process.

Sue Becker
Associate Athletic Director/SWA

I give because I feel it is important to invest in the educational future of our young people. St. Cloud State University has created a wealth of opportunities for students.  I am proud to support the academic excellence at SCSU and I encourage others to participate in our University Campaign.

Nicholas J. Miller
Associate Professor
Educational leadership

I have always been grateful to the generous people who were willing to share their resources so that I could gain my degrees which ultimately resulted in obtaining my Doctorate degree. I still remember my parent's pride when I became Dr. Nick Miller. I also feel an intrinsic need to try to help others because it is just the right thing to do. I have made a commitment of about $ 10.00 per pay period which before tax dollars is not really noticeable in my daily living expenses. Having spent my entire career in education, I see education as an issue of equity. We have a chance to validate what we do professionally and provide opportunities for those who have less. I encourage you to please consider dedicating a small amount out of every pay check to helping the next generation access the educational opportunities that are available.

Jeff Wood '81 '87 '93
Director of Web Communications
University Communications

I give to University Campaign each year because my education was funded in part by the SCSU Scholarship and C.L. Atwood Scholarship. I'm paying forward the gifts that helped me succeed at St. Cloud State.



2012 Student Testimonials

Ashley ShieldsKaty Jo Bates
Class of 2010
Major: Marketing

My involvement at St. Cloud State University has allowed me to grow as a student leader and gain valuable skills through hands-on experiences. I am currently pursuing a master's in counseling and serve as a graduate assistant for a new alcohol awareness program called U-Choose. I am very grateful for all of the support and contributions by those who have made it possible for me to receive such a rewarding experience here at St. Cloud State University.

Brian MuellerPatrick Hancock
Class of 2011
Major: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

I am grateful for the student scholarships that I have received here at St. Cloud State and I am inspired by your generosity.  Your gifts have enabled me to continue my education and achieve my dreams.  I look forward to the day that I will have an opportunity to contribute to other students’ education as you have done for me.  Thank you for your gifts!

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