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Excellence in Leadership Award

This award identifies and honors students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership while at St. Cloud State University based on an evaluation of their academic commitment and leadership experiences.


The application is available NOW. Applications are due February 9, 2015


The online application is available at:


Click on "Apply for Scholarships"

Use your StarID and password to access the application.

Applicants will need to fill out the general application form. Once that form is complete, applicants will be able to search the system for specific "opportunities."

Once you are in the system, search for "Excellence In Leadership"

Answer the supplemental questions to complete your application.


2014-2015 Information
Eligibility Requirements How Applications Are Scored Tips for Completing the Application Letter of Reference Writer Instructions

Eligibility Requirements

  • Have student status during the current academic year. Current students who meet the requirements listed below are eligible to apply. In addition, Fall 2014 graduates who meet the GPA requirements are eligible to apply.
  • Undergraduate Student minimum cumulative GPA- 2.5 and at least 90 credits earned at the end of Fall 2014
  • Graduate Student minimum cumulative GPA- 3.5 and at least 18 graduate semester credits by end of Fall 2014 (a minimum of 18 semester credits earned at SCSU)
Application Complete, signed online application form
Reflective Statements Respond to three reflective statements. Responses will be limited to 350 words for each of the three statements.
Campus Activities and Volunteer Service statements of impact Considering your involvement during your time on campus, choose up to 3 activities in the categories of Campus Involvement and Volunteer Service and provide a description of your involvement including an explanation of how your experience impacted your own development and benefitted those around you. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to provide a list of scholarships, honors, and awards received during your time at St. Cloud State.
Letters of Recommendation Two letters, preferably on letterhead; As part of the application, applicants will list the name and email address for 2 references. Those references will then be sent an auto-generated email with instructions for completing the reference process.

Can be from a faculty/staff member, adviser or officer of an organization, or a supervisor of volunteer service projects, internships, or other community engagement activities
  Double-check your application to ensure that it is complete.  (If your application is missing required items, it will not be considered for an award.)  Submit your complete application online by 4pm on Monday, February 9, 2015.  (This will include all of the above items.) Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

How Excellence in Leadership Applications are Scored

The Excellence in Leadership Committee encourages students to submit the best application possible. Here are two ways to learn more about the evaluation of the process:

Excellence in Leadership Scoring Rubrics

Download the tool that the award committee uses to evaluate the quality of the application. The goal is to help applicants understand what a well-developed application looks like and to help the them reflect on their experiences in submitting the application.

Scoring Rubric

Judges Instructions

Tips on Completing the Application Process

Please demonstrate evidence of leadership as an SCSU student (on-campus and/or in the community). The application process allows you to reflect on your growth and development as a leader, primarily while at St. Cloud State University.   An application will be considered complete for review if it has the following:

Item How This is Evaluated
Two letters of recommendation
(request at least one month prior to application deadline):

One from a faculty/staff member, adviser or officer of an organization

One from a supervisor of community projects or activities
Find references that can speak to your leadership abilities.  It is likely that a reference knows about you and your abilities in ways that go beyond the formal application. The reference letter is a chance for your reference to share how you have impacted people, organizations and communities through your leadership efforts at St. Cloud State University. 
Complete application form Answer all of the questions
Response to three reflective statements listed on the application. Each question will be underlined and your response will be limited to 350 words for each question. Depth of response to the questions asked

Quality of written response.  Remember, this is your best work! A well-written response will be free of spelling errors,  will be grammatically correct, well-organized, easy to read and understand.
Campus Activities and Volunteer Service Statements of Impact

For the awards committee to fully appreciate your involvement, spell out all acronyms and do not assume the readers are familiar with your organization, involvement, awards, and recognition.

List only achievements undertaken while at SCSU. 

For each activity, a description (175 words max) of your involvement including an explanation of how your involvement in this organization impacted your own development and benefitted the campus and/or St Cloud community.


You will not be scored based on the quantity of your involvement, but on your ability to articulate the impact of your involvement: How did you grow, learn, or develop? How did you contribute to the growth, learning, and development of others?

Instructions for Writer of the Letter of Recommendation

Thank you for agreeing to write a letter of recommendation for an applicant of the St. Cloud State University Excellence in Leadership Award.  Students are being evaluated on the following:

  • A listing of their involvement in organizations, service and volunteer opportunities, development activities, and other leadership activities in the SCSU/greater community during their time as a student.
  • Demonstrated focus on academics, meeting the minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 for undergraduate students and 3.5 for graduate students. 
  • Reflective statements discussing how they have developed as a leader, their impact on others in their organizations, and how they will use their leadership skills in the future
  • Two letters of recommendation

The context of the application process above should help you frame your reference letter.  It is likely that you know about this person and his/her abilities in ways that go beyond the formal application. Your reference letter is a chance to share how you have seen the applicant impact people, organizations and communities, primarily through their leadership efforts here at St. Cloud State University. 

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of this student’s efforts to celebrate his/her leadership experiences here at St. Cloud State University!  Letters of recommendation are due by Monday, February 9, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

When a student lists you as a reference, you will receive an auto-generated email from the application system with instructions for uploading an electronic copy of your letter. Please follow the instructions to complete the reference process.






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