Putting Leadership Theory Into Action

Leadership is multi-dimensional and is an ongoing process of development and exploration that occurs throughout many student experiences and entities at St. Cloud State University.  Based on the Social Change  Model of Leadership Development (Link these words to page above), the following are ways that you as a student develop knowledge, skills and abilities through leadership activities at St. Cloud State University:

  • Gaining better understanding of your personal values, goals, attitudes and motivations for involvement.
  • Examining your level of congruence between your stated values and their actual behavior.
  • Understanding how commitment aligns with your personal values and how commitment can benefit all involved.
  • Participating in activities that require collaboration and understanding the inherent benefits in this approach when making decisions.
  • Understanding how to give “voice” to all involved and how to work to build a collective vision or common purpose for a group or organization, including the process and overcoming challenges of these experiences.
  • Allowing for healthy disagreement and encouraging civil discourse in groups and organizations you belong to.
  • Understanding how you fit into a larger organization and what membership means for you as an individual.
  • Understanding the interaction between individual and a group, a group and the community/society, and the individual and the community/society.
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