1. What is the process to bring in a speaker?

The organization should enter into a formal university approved contract with the speaker/presenter. To make a contract the student org first has to get the necessary information.

2. How do we get funding for it?

A written request should be submitted to the Senate Finance Committee at least 6 weeks before the scheduled date for the event. A student org can get up to $800 from Senate Finance Committee for a speaker per fiscal year and up to $1,800 if it co-sponsors with another student organization.

3. How do we pay for the speaker?

After the student organization has received the fund from the Senate Finance Committee, it should contact studentorgs@stcloudstate.edu in person to make a purchase order and university approved contract. The presenter has to sign and send back the contract to the student organization before the event. After the event, the advisor has to sign the contract and send it to the Business Office.

4. When should the process of getting a contract for a speaker begin?

Depends on how much the student organization is paying for the speaker/presenter. There are 2 different contracts for events under and above $1,750. For events under $1,750, the contract process should begin at least 4 weeks before the event. For those above $1,750, 8 weeks before the event would be good, as a longer contract has to be made and approved by the Vice President for Student Life.

5. How long does it take the business office to make payment to the speaker?

The business office usually takes 5-7 business days to mail the check after receiving the contract signed by the responsible people of the student organization.

6. How do we get reimbursed?

A 1400 form pdf has to be completed with the student organization’s account number and object code. A detailed description of the items purchased should be given, along with unit cost of each item and total cost. A complete vendor’s address should also be given. After the advisors’ approval, submit it to the Business Office along with receipts from the vendor.

Note: The Business Office does not reimburse sales tax.

7. What items are not reimbursed?

The following items are NOT funded by the Senate Finance Committee. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Alcohol or any equipment with the explicit purpose of its production
  • Attorney fees for individuals or organizations
  • Awards, award ceremonies and/or trophies
  • Bail
  • Banquets
  • Computers
  • Contributions to charitable organizations or individuals
  • Equipment – not stored on campus
  • Events with an entrance fee/charge to current St. Cloud State students
  • Fundraisers—includes set up, promotion, and/or costs
  • Gasoline purchases
  • Gift offerings
  • Illegal drugs or related paraphernalia
  • T-Shirts and uniforms that are not reused
  • Membership Fees
  • Personal loans to individuals
  • Personal Items
  • Prizes
  • Recruitment events
  • Scholarships
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons

8. What privileges do registered student organizations have?

  • Increased visibility and accessibility, including the web space provided to each organization through the student organizations web site.
  • Access to available services, equipment, and facilities on the University's campus
  • Accounts: Recognized organizations can set up an account through the Business Office, AS 124.
  • Mailboxes: Mailboxes are available in the Student Activities Complex and are obtained through the registered student organization process.
  • Supplies: Student organization's office provides a limited amount of tag board, roll paper, markers, paints, and tape free of charge.
  • Organization Fairs: Opportunity to participate in Mainstreet and Sidestreet organizational fairs during Fall and Spring semester.
  • Resources: Workshops on Demand, Leadership materials, educational resources and mailings from the resource desk.

9. How can student organizations reserve vehicles?

Student Organizations can reserve vehicles from either Atwood Memorial Center or Facilities Management. Atwood vehicles are first come, first serve and can be reserved by contacting Atwood Center, Accounting Office at 308-4085. Student organizations can reserve vehicles from Facilities Management at 308-2266. However, student organizations are the lowest priority in Facilities Management and can be bumped for other university business.

According to the new State of Minnesota policy, students driving on State business have to request prior approval and authorization. Students will be allowed to drive on State business only after this process has been completed and have received an acceptable or conditional rating. This process applies to any student who drives on State business, whether they drive personal vehicles or State vehicles. Each student needs to request the authorization only once, unless driving information changes, and renew it annually.

To take the authorization test, please click here.

10. How do we pay for reserved vehicles?

Student organizations can give their 300 or 900 account number to the office they rented the vehicle from to charge them for the reserved vehicles.

11. How can student organizations raise funds?

Besides membership dues, there are many ways to raise money for student organizations. Visit the Organization resources page for more ideas on fundraising. Student organizations should be aware of fundraising policies when making plans to raise money.

12. Where can you get account numbers and check account balances?

Business office or the student organizations office can answer any questions regarding account numbers or account balances.

13. How can a student organizations open an account on campus?

All registered student organizations are required to maintain financial accounts with the SCSU Business Office. Student organizations may not establish outside bank accounts without first obtaining an exemption from the St Cloud State Business Director. There are two types of accounts for student organizations: an activity account (300 account) for money received from the student activity fee and the finance committee on student government, and an agency account (900-account) for any money raised from dues, donations, or fundraisers.

The Business Office opens a 300 account for student organization after it has been allocated a budget by the Senate Finance Committee.

14. How can student organizations get funds from the Senate Finance Committee?

Student groups seeking funding from Senate Finance Committee must be registered for 52 weeks prior to submitting a budget request or 15 weeks prior to submitting a reserve request. For the specific date an organization is eligible to request budget, contact studentorgs@stcloudstate.edu. A representative from the student org must have attended the Budget Training Clinic conducted by the Senate Finance Committee to be eligible to make a request. Budget proposals have to be submitted by the deadline announced by the Senate Finance Committee.

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