Scholarships for Non-traditional Students

Shelvie Christian Memorial Scholarship

Due February 12, 2010

Click Here to Apply Beginning Monday, November 2, 2009
The purpose of this endowment is to recognize St. Cloud State University non-traditional students who are involved in on-campus extracurricular activities and who are making a contribution to the betterment of SCSU student life as Shelvie exemplified. Applicants must be an enrolled non-traditional student at SCSU (25 years of age or older). Applicants also must be involved in SCSU student extracurricular activities. Part-time non-traditional students are eligible. Applicants submit a typed application and essay by in order to be eligible for the $500 Shelvie Christian Memorial Scholarship. Applications are available in CSOLD beginning in January with a mid-February deadline.

This scholarship was initiated by students and faculty at St. Cloud State University and further enhanced by Shelvie’s husband, Lloyd, children, relatives, and friends in remembrance of Shelvie Christian. At the age of 49, Shelvie served on the Student Senate, Academic Affairs Committee and the Student Senate Finance Committee at SCSU. Academically, she was pursuing a degree in mortuary science until a heart attack took her life on October 7, 1987. At the age of 50 she commenced her studies at SCSU in 1986.

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