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Alumni Success Stories

Have you heard that there are no jobs out there? These SCSU alumni have found great careers even in today’s economy. Read up on how they got their jobs, the essential steps that they took, and their advice for current SCSU students.


Ashlee'09 Graduate PictureAshlee ‘09
Major: Finance- Minor: International Business & Spanish
Underwriter- Securian Financial Group (St. Paul, MN)

“First, take your resume to career services (for obvious reasons). Second, learn how to interview. Do mock interviews in the Career Services Center. This is the absolute most important part, especially since some companies put you through a very strenuous interview process. Learn your skills, qualities, and personality traits like the back of your hand. Get familiar with typical interview questions and be able to tell a story behind each one! If they ask you to tell them of a time where you successfully demonstrated customer service....become animated and tell them a story that will both answer the question and get the employer picturing you working at their company.”

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Jenny '09 Picture for Graduate Success Story Jenny ‘09
Majors: Community Psychology and Chemical Dependency
Primary Counselor at New Beginnings (Waverly, MN)

“I had a professor that I looked up to a lot and utilized as a resource. I emailed him one day about a recommendation letter for graduate school and then mentioned to him that I was looking for work. He told me there may be an opening at the treatment facility that he runs and encouraged me to apply. I applied, was offered a job, and happily accepted, and I have to give credit to the fact that it was about the connection I made with my professor as a student.”

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Crystal ‘10
M.S. Degree in Criminal Justice Studies
Rule 25 Assessor/Probation Officer, Anoka County Community Corrections

“My advice to criminal justice studies majors would be: Join professional associations relevant to the area of Criminal Justice that you're interested in (Law Enforcement, Corrections, etc.). Network/engage in training opportunities. Get involved in training opportunities that will enhance your competitiveness. You leave these experiences with training certificates (that you can list on your resume) as well as a handful of business cards from professionals in the field. Gain experience in the field. (Internship/Practicum, ride-alongs, observations shifts, part/full time employment positions, volunteer, etc.). Work hard in school; if it comes down to it, your GPA will set you apart. Study for interviews and present yourself as a professional. Always go above and beyond the call of duty!”


Picture of Chris 09 graduate for alumni success storyChris ‘09
Major: Land Surveying/Mapping
Minnesota Department of Transportation, Transportation Generalist Senior- Oakdale, MN
Volunteer Fire Fighter- Somerset, WI

“The first thing I would tell someone before they even find work is to really know what you want to do. I honestly picked Surveying because I knew it was a job performed outside, I love being outside. So looking in to what a job actually consists of is crucial. Another thing that truly helped me was to get an INTERNSHIP! It doesn't matter if the company that hires you isn't the company you want to work for the rest of your life, every bit of experience helps. But the more work you can do earlier, the better. When interviewing, which was my weakest point, there are a few things that I have learned from experience. You MUST be relaxed and confident that you are the person for the job. As they interview you, give them specific examples when they ask you questions. If you are able to get some work in the field you are going to school for, get noticed! Too many times I have seen people going through the motions. To get noticed, there are many things you can do. BE ON TIME! No supervisor likes a late employee. Always be trying to learn something new, ask questions, and try to be as personable as you can. I found that getting to know the people around me, taking what they teach me, and apply it towards my work has helped me considerably. It is important to remember that the job you get tomorrow might not be the one you have a year from now. Things change and keeping options open is something that truly helped me.”

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Picture of Dylan 09 graduate for alumni success storyDylan ‘09
Major: Communication Studies – Minor: Philosophy
Graphic Design/Marketing, Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, Medora, ND

“My advice to current students is to volunteer and look for jobs on campus that will help you get experience in the field you want to go into. There are so many volunteer opportunities on campus and you can find something for any career goal. Also, don't just have a job because it pays well. You can make good money delivering pizzas or serving at a restaurant, but is that what you want to do your whole life? Also, don't be afraid to contact people. So what if the application deadline is passed? So what if you don't think you're qualified? It doesn't hurt to contact them anyway.”

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