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Graduate School Application

General Application:  This is typically the basic application required to be admitted to the institution, including your demographic information, program of interest, and academic information.  Nowadays most applications are submitted online.  You will also need to send your transcripts. 

Personal Statement or Essay:  This portion of the application is where you really get to share your background and goals.  Some programs will give you a series of specific questions to answer, while others will allow you to write a more general statement.  This is your chance to brag to the review committee – let them know more about your accomplishments, defining experiences, your goals, and so on.  You want to stand out from the rest of the crowd!  It is extremely important that your personal statement is well written.  Plan ahead and proofread!  Visit the Career Services Center or the Write Place for help writing your cover letter.

Entrance Exams:  Most graduate schools do require at least one type of standardized entrance exam, but again, it varies depending on the program.  If you are not sure if the graduate programs you are considering require an exam, it is best to contact them so you can plan accordingly.  It can take several weeks or months before you get your exam scores back, so make sure you take it early and give yourself enough time to take it a second time if necessary.

Interview Many programs require an interview, as they are trying to determine how well you would fit within the program.  In addition, many graduate programs will interview you for teaching, research, or graduate assistantships at the same time in order to determine if you are eligible for funding.  It is very important to prepare for these interviews in order to make a strong impression.  Visit our interview preparation section on our website for sample questions or set up an appointment for a mock interview.

Resume A resume highlights your experience and accomplishments in a 1-2 page document.  Many graduate programs require relevant experience before admission, so it is important to make sure you are gaining that experience through part-time jobs, internships, research, or volunteer work.  The Career Services Center can help you with your resume.

References:  Graduate programs will typically require 2-3 references.  It is best to include at least one faculty member and one supervisor you had while working/volunteering in a related field.  If your application requires letter of recommendations, give your references at least two weeks to write them.  If you only need their name and contact information, still be sure to ask for their permission to serve as a reference.

Standardized Tests

Financial Aid Resources

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-professional programs are not academic majors.  Rather, they are areas of study designed to meet necessary pre-requisite courses for graduate or professional school as well as prepare you for any required entrance exams.  In most cases, you will still need to complete a baccalaureate degree with a major.

If you are in pre-professional programs at SCSU, contact the individuals on this SCSU Pre-professional Program List for more detailed information about academic requirements and application procedures.

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