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Career Planning (COLL 111)

St. Cloud State University offers a 2 credit course, COLL 111, Career Planning, to help students no matter where they are in the career development process. The course receives great reviews from students! Reserve your seat early as there are a limited number of seats! For more details on offerings, visit the online class schedule.

Sample Syllabus

This course is designed to introduce you to the process of career exploration and research. We will start by focusing on the foundation for all good career planning - defining the true YOU! You will consider what characteristics that help make you the unique person that you are and begin thinking about how this self knowledge relates to your choice of a major and a career.


"This class is so good and everything we did was so beneficial to us. I would recommend the class to be one of the general requirements for all students; it will help them make the right career choices."

"This class was very helpful in figuring out who I am and what career fits me best. This class should be required for all freshmen."

"Taking this course was a great idea. Looking back, I wish I had taken this class before choosing my major."

"I loved the material we covered during this course and I feel like it is essential to success when it comes to being a college student. In my eyes, this course should be a requirement for all college students. I would recommend this course for all incoming freshmen, not just those who are unsure of what they want to do career wise."