College of Liberal Arts

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Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts

St. Cloud State is implementing a major academic reorganization that reshapes how students are prepared for life, work and citizenship in the 21st century. The website is changing to reflect a new academic framework that focuses on active and applied learning, community engagement, sustainability, and global and cultural learning. We anticipate that much will be changing with our website, so we ask that you return often to see what SCSU and the College of Liberal Arts has in store for you.

The College of Liberal Arts is committed to the education of all students at SCSU. The learning opportunities you will find within the college will prepare you for the challenges, critical thinking, innovation and creativity of our modern workplace, and also for a lifetime of inquiry, discovery and learning.

The College offers major and minor courses of study in the arts, humanities and social sciences, and professional and graduate programs in 13 departments, numerous disciplines, and diverse programs. The faculty and staff of the College are committed to your success by providing personal attention, thorough advising and thoughtful mentoring.

The College also serves as a principal contributor to SCSU’s Liberal Education Program, and many, if not all, students will take coursework from one or more programs in the College of Liberal Arts. It also houses SCSU’s School of the Arts, with nationally accredited programs in art, music, and theatre, and a vibrant and growing film studies program.

Suggested plans of study for all majors in the College of Liberal Arts are available online at

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