Computer Network Research Center

The Computer Network Research Center is equipped with state-of-the-art routers, switches, and firewalls, and also computers running Windows and Linux. The center is used by CNA faculty for class projects where students build and test firewall rules, carry out attacks in a controlled lab environment, conduct intrusion detection activities and research in a controlled lab environment, and also deploy and secure wireless LANs and ad-hoc networks.

The center is used by the faculty to conduct research in computer networking and security. Some of the research highlights are as follows:

  • Deploying, testing, and securing a wireless ad-hoc network testbed
  • Configuring, testing, and researching with cluster computing
  • Deploying and testing honeynets
  • Virtualization

    Computer Network Research Center
    Phone:  (320) 308-4901
    Fax:  (320) 308-4269 
    Address:  213 Headley Hall
    St. Cloud State University
    720 Fourth Avenue South
    St. Cloud, Minnesota 56301-4498 


    Richard Mowe, Professor of Computer Networking
    Telephone: (320) 308-4963
    Fax: (320) 308-4269

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