Denise M. McGuire Student Research Award 2004-2005

Roderick Bovee

A Geochemical Survey of Saint Cloud Granites and Basalts
Faculty Sponsor(s): Kate Pound

Megan Cleland

Anti-cancer Activity and DNA Interaction Studies of Ruthenium Metal Complexes
Faculty Sponsor(s): Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Matthew Gesmundo

Molecular Spectroscopy of Comet Machholz
Faculty Sponsor(s): Maria Womack

Shourjo Ghose

Genomic Analysis of Human Breast Adenocarcinoma MCF-7 Cell Line Resistant to Ottelione A (MCF 7/ottA)
Faculty Sponsor(s): Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Dennis Hansen

The Effects of Alkyl Phenol on the Diatom, Melosira varians; a Proteomics Study
Faculty Sponsor(s): Matthew Julius

Theresa Iverson

Correlating the Apperance of Pioneer Gobioid Fish Species with Pacific Island Formation using Molecular Clock Techniques
Faculty Sponsor(s): Matthew Julius

Steve Kron

Differential Expression of Proteins in Ottelione A Resistant Human Breast Carcinoma Cells
Faculty Sponsor(s): Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Alyssa Nguyen

Anticancer Activities and DNA Interactions of Ruthenium Benzimidazole Complexes
Faculty Sponsor(s): Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Mohammad Salad

Detoxification of Chloroacetaldehyde by Class 9 Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH9A1) Present in Human Kidney
Faculty Sponsor(s): Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Sarah Sewell

Urban Effects on Nutrient Loading of the Sauk River within the St. Cloud Metro Area
Faculty Sponsor(s): Michner Bender

Jordan Vincent

Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Vanadium-Flavonoid Complexes
Faculty Sponsor(s): Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir

Emily Wessel

Role of ALDH1A1, ALDH2, and ALDH3A1 in the Metabolism of Benzyloxyacetaldehyde
Faculty Sponsor(s): Lakshmaiah Sreerama

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