ECE Department Newsletter October 2011


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Justin Ficker

Year of graduation: May 2007
Major: Computer Engineering
Current Location: Minneapolis, MN
Current Job Title: Software Design Engineer
Current Company: MTS Systems, Eden Prairie, MN
Projects you have worked on: Intelligent Device Monitoring for Hydraulic Pumps, Elastomer and Damper Testing Software, Geological Materials and Civil Engineering Testing Software

How the St. Cloud State Computer Engineering program has helped Justin in his career: The computer science classes that I had were really helpful considering that most of my job now is developing software. The most important class I ever had was Senior Design. Senior Design is a great learning experience, which forces you to creatively solve problems in a wide variety of engineering areas.  My advice would be to pick the most difficult Senior Design project available. Nothing will prepare you better for your career, and you will be a better engineer for it.

Patrick Bauman

Year of graduation: Spring 2008
Major: Computer Engineering
Current Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Current Job Title: Software Engineer
Current Company: The Boeing Company - Huntington Beach, CA

How the St. Cloud State Computer Engineering program has helped Patrick in his career: St. Cloud State University's Computer Engineering program built a firm foundation upon which I was able to start my career. Due to the breadth of material covered while in the program, I made the transition from computer to software engineer immediately and with very little effort following graduation. The 2-semester senior design project was the most useful in that it provided a thorough and practical introduction to many of the situations and issues I face with my career on a daily basis. Within nine months of starting in my first position I was accepted for admission to the Masters in Software Engineering program at Carnegie Mellon University. Despite competing with better known and more expensive schools, SCSU has provided me with a solid education and just as much opportunity, if not more.

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