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National Student Employment Week

National Student Employment Week (April 10-16, 2016)

This special week is an opportunity to recognize all student employees for the significant contributions they make to the SCSU campus and partnering community agencies. All supervisors and departments are encouraged to recognize their student employees in some way during this national recognition week. A number of recognition ideas for students will help you get started - you may have additional creative ideas of your own!

Student Employee of the Year Program (2006-2012)

In the past, SCSU has participated in the National Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Program (see past SCSU SEOTYs listed below). These students were nominated by their supervisor(s) for significant contributions they made through their employment based on the qualities of reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, and uniqueness of contribution.

Previous SCSU Student Employees of the Year:

  • 2012 Catherine (Catie) Holker, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
  • 2011 Xue (Sherry) Li, Atwood Memorial Center
  • 2010 Rosemary Weinzetl, Residential Life
  • 2009 Patrick Brama, SCSU Miller Center Circulation Department
  • 2008 Lionel Mathieu, Center for International Studies
  • 2007 Thea O’Sullivan, Lindgren Child Care Center
  • 2006 Colin Underwood, St. Cloud Children’s Home

View a list of past national Student Employees of the Year.