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For information regarding a particular fund, email or call (320) 308-4826. Scholarship details may also be found in the online Scholarship Search at: Financial Aid Office : St. Cloud State University.

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Foundation and Constituent Engagement Funds

295-040-99295 Alumni Association
200-025-12058 SCSU Annual Fund

Administrative and Student Services - Scholarships

330-280-12016 Admissions Scholarships
625-098-50825 AFSCME Local #753 Scholarship
625-280-50391 Alys Mayman Misho Freshman Scholarship
330-105-00851 American Indian Center Scholarship
330-150-27901 Andy Virden Memorial Scholarship
625-285-53010 Association of Nigerian Engineers in Minnesota Scholarship
330-110-01160 Atwood Memorial Center Student Scholarship
335-135-19301 Bess South Africa Fellowship
625-095-74019 Bradley Quin Erickson Memorial Scholarship
335-135-19300 Bremer South Africa Fellowship
725-285-53012 Brenda Danielson Glatzmaier Memorial Scholarship
825-285-53014 Charles and Bonnie Graham Scholarship for International Study
625-280-50375 Charles and Laurel Brainard Scholarship
625-280-50366 Childers Family Endowed Scholarship
725-095-24022 Clarence Fogelstrom Endowed Scholarship
625-175-79409 Claude and Helen DelZoppo Scholarship
625-280-50377 Coborn's Inc. Endowed Scholarship
330-280-00358 Darlene M. Carlson Science Encouragement Scholarship for Freshmen
625-095-74023 David and Kathryn Campbell Endowed Scholarship
625-225-63802 Deeann Griebel Honors Student Scholarship
330-145-26602 Dennis M. Thayer Emergency Fund
725-160-60207 Dennis M. Thayer Leadership Award
725-280-50398 Diana and Robert Carter Scholarship for First Year Business Students
625-280-50369 Dr. Herbert and Mabel Sorenson Scholarship
625-095-74013 Dr. William A. Nolen Scholarship
625-095-74015 Drew Roser Memorial Scholarship
625-105-50858 Duane Dunkley Memorial Scholarship
625-280-50389 Dudley and Merl Brainard Scholarship
625-285-53005 Edith Jorgensen Study Abroad Scholarship
625-280-50393 Effie Wiley Scott Endowment
625-175-79412 Elizabeth L. Howard Scholarship for Women
625-150-63901 Faculty Emeriti Special Opportunity Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
330-175-29406 Faculty Wives and Women Scholarship for Nontraditional Female Students
330-210-28801 First Year Experience Scholarship, University College
330-280-00365 Floyd and Virgie Beumer Admissions Scholarship
625-280-50394 Fred, Blanche, and Elsie Sartell Scholarship in Elementary Education
625-280-50406 Galaway Foundation Scholarship
625-175-79410 Grace McDowall Memorial Scholarship
725-280-50396 Grace Scholarship
330-160-10204 Greek Council New Student Record Scholarship
625-280-50364 Harry and Jan Hoelscher Endowed Scholarship
625-285-53007 Hazel B. Hansen International Studies Scholarship
625-280-50405 Holmgren Scholarship for African Americans
625-105-50856 Holmgren Scholarship for Native Americans
330-225-13801 Honors Scholarships
330-285-03001 Hugh Algernon Percy, 10th Duke of Northumberland Scholarship
330-160-10200 Inter-Fraternity Outstanding Freshman Scholarship
625-280-50371 James W. Miller Family Scholarship
625-095-74014 Jennie Sundgren Harris Education Scholarship
625-100-78002 John Pritchard Leadership Scholarship
625-145-78003 Justin D. Viker Residential Life Scholarship
330-160-10203 Kappa Phi Omega / Carolyn  Desanto Scholarship
330-125-13251 Karen Thompson - Sharon Kowalski Scholarship
330-095-24010 Kayleen Larson Legacy Scholarship
330-280-00353 Kopp Investment Advisors Presidential Merit Scholarships
625-095-74016 Laura Jensen Murphy Memorial Scholarship
825-280-50401 Lauren Marie Riesgraf Endowed Scholarship
330-125-13252 LGBT Scholarship
625-280-50400 Lula Mische Freshman Scholarship
625-175-79411 Marcia Summers Career Opportunity Endowed Scholarship for Single Mothers
725-285-53011 Marjorie Deakin Scholarship for Alnwick Study Abroad Students
625-100-78004 Mary Beth Wedum Scholarship
625-175-79407 Mary Jane Young Scholarship
625-285-53008 McDonald Scholarship for International Students
330-160-10202 MEChA / La Raza Scholarship
625-105-50855 Meyer/Heltemes Endowed Memorial Scholarship
625-280-50370 Minnie Boese Depuis Scholarship
825-280-50404 Myers Family Scholarship
625-095-74020 Nat W. Johnson Scholarship
625-095-74017 NE Minnesota Scholarship
625-160-60206 Nontraditional Student Scholarship
625-280-50373 Optimist Club Freshmen Scholarship
725-155-63501 Pamela Weiss Memorial Scholarship
625-095-74012 Patricia Nemec Endowed Scholarship
625-095-62000 Peter and Elissa Salin Scholarship
330-095-24004 Philip Halenbeck Scholarship
825-126-63000 Reclaiming Life (Recreandae Vitae Causa) Endowment
625-170-60301 Rich Murray Volunteerism Scholarship
625-280-50367 Richard Green Scholarship
625-280-50365 Ringsmuth Endowed Scholarship
725-280-50397 Robert and LuBell Kendall Fine Arts & Humanities Admissions Schol
625-280-50376 Ronald G. Perrier Scholarship in Arts & Athletic Performance
625-280-50372 Second Generation Scholarship
625-160-60205 Shelvie Christian Memorial Scholarship
625-270-63301 Shirley Schrader Graduate Scholarship
825-160-60208 Soroko/Ditlevson Service Scholarship
625-095-74011 St. Cloud Builders Exchange Scholarship
330-100-28022 St. Cloud State University Recovery Community Scholarship
625-280-50374 Susan Lynn Webb Memorial Scholarship
330-095-24009 TCF National Bank Scholarship
625-095-74018 Therese E. and John M. Adams Scholarship
330-100-28000 Tom and Susan Keller Scholarship in Student Activities
330-160-10211 University Program Board Scholarship
625-280-50388 Vernie McDonald Ambassadors Scholarship
330-100-28006 Veteran's Scholarship
330-280-00364 Vette Family Scholarship
625-280-50403 Viking Coca-Cola Admissions Scholarship
625-285-53015 Wallace and Violet Melin Geography Scholarship
625-280-50390 Ward's SCSU Stores Scholarship
625-285-53009 William Marcellous Lindgren Scholarship
625-285-53006 William Wester Memorial Scholarship
330-175-29403 Women's Center Scholarships
625-095-74021 Worrell Family Endowed Scholarship
625-280-50402 Xcel Energy Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Athletics - Program Funds

615-800-62021 Athletic Hall of Fame Endowment
320-060-00315 A Common Goal - Locker Room
310-801-14447 Baseball Program
310-808-14485 Football Program
320-060-00310 Herb Brooks National Hockey Center
310-812-14402 Hockey Alumni Recognition Fund
310-800-14410 Husky Athletics Fund
610-800-64424 Intercollegiate Athletics Endowed Fund
310-800-14420 Lane 7 Swim and Dive Fund
310-818-14401 Matt Peters Memorial Swimming Award
310-803-14433 Men's Basketball Operations Fund
310-806-14443 Men's Cross Country Program
310-810-14436 Men's Golf Program
310-812-14439 Men's Hockey Program
310-816-14448 Men's Intercollegiate Athletics Program
310-818-14441 Men's Swimming and Diving Program
310-820-14481 Men's Tennis Program
310-822-14445 Men's Track and Field Program
310-824-14449 Nordic Skiing Program
310-860-14438 Softball Program
310-870-14453 Volleyball Program
310-850-14450 Women's Basketball Program
310-852-14444 Women's Cross Country Program
310-854-14437 Women's Golf Program
310-856-14440 Women's Hockey Program
310-858-14451 Women's Intercollegiate Athletics Program
310-862-14452 Women's Soccer Program
310-864-14442 Women's Swimming and Diving Program
310-866-14482 Women's Tennis Program
310-868-14446 Women's Track and Field Program
310-826-14434 Wrestling Program

Athletics - Scholarships

330-802-14486 Baseball Scholarships
625-804-64417 Brady Watts Basketball Scholarship
625-813-64421 Brendan and Vernie McDonald Scholarship
725-813-64430 Bret Hedican Endowed Scholarship
825-804-64429 Coaches' Legacy Scholarship
625-800-64425 Commissioner L.J. Andolsek Memorial Scholarship
725-813-64427 Dave Torrey Goalie Scholarship
625-800-64413 David K. Renslow Memorial Scholarship
330-809-14407 Football Scholarships
625-817-64411 Gary Schwartz Memorial Athletic and Academic Scholarship
625-802-64415 Gregory J. Berling Memorial Scholarship
625-802-64416 Henkemeyer Baseball Athletic Opportunity Grant
330-815-14411 Husky Athletics Scholarship
825-804-64410 Hoopsters Scholarship
725-802-64428 Joe and Marie Glatzmaier Family Endowed Baseball Scholarship
330-800-14500 John and Viki Gust Family Scholarship
625-817-64412 John J. Weismann Scholarship in Men's Athletics
625-804-64418 Joseph Kunze Basketball Scholarship
625-859-64414 Kimberly Ann Ritsche Women's Athletics Scholarship
625-809-64419 Lenny Johnson Football Scholarship
625-813-64423 LeRoy Radovich Family Endowed Hockey Scholarship
625-800-64420 Marilyn and Rod Anfenson Athletic Scholarship
330-800-14432 Men's Athletic Scholarship
330-804-14408 Men's Basketball Scholarships
330-807-14477 Men's Cross Country Scholarships
330-811-14470 Men's Golf Scholarships
330-813-14473 Men's Hockey Scholarships
330-819-14475 Men's Swimming and Diving Scholarships
330-821-14483 Men's Tennis Scholarships
330-823-14479 Men's Track and Field Scholarships
330-802-14412 Mingo Family Baseball Scholarship
330-825-14487 Nordic Skiing Scholarships
330-809-14403 Richard and Paula Theisen Football Scholarship
625-813-64435 Roland A. Vandell Family Endowed Scholarship
330-861-14472 Softball Scholarships
330-871-14490 Volleyball Scholarships
625-813-64422 William and Patricia Radovich Family Hockey Scholarship
330-800-14431 Women's Athletic Scholarship
330-851-14488 Women's Basketball Scholarships
330-853-14478 Women's Cross Country Scholarships
330-855-14471 Women's Golf Scholarships
330-857-14474 Women's Hockey Scholarships
330-863-14489 Women's Soccer Scholarships
330-865-14476 Women's Swimming and Diving Scholarships
330-867-14484 Women's Tennis Scholarships
330-869-14480 Women's Track and Field Scholarships
625-827-64426 Wrestling Endowed Scholarship
330-827-14409 Wrestling Scholarships

College of Liberal Arts - Program Funds

310-770-11461 African Studies Program
310-755-27100 Anthropology
310-505-00952 Art
310-505-00951 Art Education
390-535-20040 Bradley E. Rozman Visiting Artist Fund
390-535-02602 Bruce & Dee Pearson Dept. of Music Alumni Engagement Fund
325-535-20030 Bruce & Dee Pearson Music Faculty Professional Development Fund
310-700-08003 College of Liberal Arts
310-515-09201 Communication Studies
310-770-11471 East Asian Studies
310-520-11004 English Discretionary Fund
310-720-11401 Ethnic & Women's Studies
390-700-08005 Faculty Research Group (FRG) on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota
310-530-16006 First Amendment Forum Fund
310-525-11801 Foreign Languages and Literature
390-500-12023 Global Leadership Academy
310-735-13602 History
310-537-20026 Husky Sports Band
315-500-06005 Ida Compton/Sinclair Lewis Symposium
315-535-20011 Jazz Ensemble
310-725-14850 Jewish Studies
820-500-56005 Jim and Beverly Pehler Artist in Residence Endowment
310-525-11802 Joseph Graf Memorial Fund
610-505-50957 Kiehle Gallery Endowment
310-505-00953 Kiehle Gallery Operating Account
310-770-11451 Latin American Studies Program
810-745-26051 Mary A. Boltuck APA Publications Fund
310-530-16007 Mass Comm - Broadcasting Fund
310-530-16008 Mass Comm - International Fund
310-530-16000 Mass Communications Department
310-765-11400 Math/Science Summer Camps
615-505-50956 Merle Sykora Fine Arts Fund
310-535-20009 Music
315-535-20012 Music - Choir
315-535-20013 Music Dept - Instrumental
315-535-02600 Music Prep Program-Cantabile Girls Choir
310-540-25050 Philosophy
310-745-26050 Psychology
310-500-06001 School of the Arts
615-515-59206 Sikkink Speech Comm Library/Speaker Endowment
310-755-27103 Sociology
325-525-11805 Spanish Program Faculty Professional Development Fund
690-535-70031 Stephen Fuller Music Performance Residency Fund
310-545-28504 Theatre
390-520-11010 Upper Mississippi Harvest Fund
310-720-11411 Women's Studies
315-755-27107 Youth Non-Violence Service Learning Project

College of Liberal Arts - Scholarships

625-520-61012 Abigail Falk Creative Writing Prize
625-520-61011 Adam Theisen Endowed Scholarship for English Majors
625-735-63606 Alton C. and Haidako H. Wolfer Endowed Scholarship in History
330-535-20029 Andrea "Andy" Arriagada-Hernandez Memorial Scholarship
625-535-70021 Anne Simonett Endowed Music Scholarship
625-530-66015 Arch and Amy Pease Scholarship in Mass Communications
625-515-59211 Arthur and Barbara Grachek Communications Studies Scholarship
825-525-61900 Barbara J. Bloomer Scholarship for Language Teachers & Study Abroad
625-505-50955 Bill and Sharon Ellingson Art Scholarship
625-520-61009 Braden G. Bogue Scholarship for English Majors
330-755-27101 Brower Society Scholarship
625-735-63605 Calvin, Alma, & Elio Gower Scholarship in History
625-530-66013 Carol Loberg Fourth Cavalry Association Scholarship
625-515-59208 Charles & Carol Vick Communication Studies Scholarship for Nontraditional Students
625-535-70019 Charles and Shirley Echols Music Scholarship
625-535-70030 Charlotte West Anderson String Scholarship
625-520-61016 Coard Memorial Scholarship in English
330-700-08002 College of Liberal Arts Scholarships
625-535-70023 Cristine Rehwaldt Memorial Scholarship
625-545-78509 Dale L. and Gretchen N. Swanson Film Studies Scholarship
625-535-70025 David J. Ernest Scholarship
330-535-20005 David Swenson Memorial Scholarship
330-700-08004 Debra Yerigan Scholarship for SCSU Survey Student Directors
330-520-11003 Donna Gorrell Scholarship for Creative Nonfiction Writers
625-535-70022 Dorothy Weismann Memorial Scholarship
625-755-77106 Dr. Herbert P. Lohrman Scholarship in Sociology
330-530-16004 DUFES Scholarship
625-530-66011 E. Scott Bryce Mass Communications Scholarship
625-535-70017 Earl M. Danforth Endowed Music Scholarship
625-520-61015 Elizabeth and Lyle Van Pelt Scholarship in English
330-520-11001 Elizabeth Cully Teaching English as a Second Language Scholarship
625-520-61008 English Endowed Scholarship
330-520-11006 English Scholarship
625-530-66016 Fran and Mil Voelker Scholarship in Mass Communications
725-530-66017 Gannett Foundation/Times Media Don Casey Scholarship
625-400-55011 Golden Rule Scholarship in Music Education
625-535-70016 Harvey Waugh Memorial String Scholarship
625-535-70024 Helen Steen Huls Memorial Scholarship
625-755-77105 Herbert Goodrich Scholarship in Sociology
330-735-13601 History Scholarships
330-515-09204 Intercultural Communication Minor Scholarship
625-735-63604 James & Muriel Grunerud Scholarship in History
825-525-61901 James O'Neill Scholarship for International Study of Spanish
330-520-11007 James B. Anderson English Scholarship
825-540-62038 James E. White Memorial Endowed Philosophy Scholarship
625-505-50953 Jay Paul Bell and Julie Kiefer-Bell Art Scholarship
625-530-66014 Jodi Huisentruit Scholarship
625-520-61010 John L. Melton Scholarship in Literature
625-515-59212 Judy C. Pearson Scholarship
330-515-09203 Julie K Peters Scholarship in Communication Studies
625-520-61013 June Hiemenz Spychala Memorial Scholarship
330-535-20003 Kenton Frohrip Annual Sch for Brass Instrument Performers
625-530-66010 KVSC Endowment
625-500-56004 Lenore Schleif Humanities Scholarship
625-535-70020 Mabeth Saure Gyllstrom Endowed Voice Scholarship
625-545-78507 Marge Hams Memorial Scholarship for Theatre Students
330-520-11002 Marvin Thompson Shakespeare Memorial Scholarship
625-515-59210 Mary Ahles Adams Forensics Scholarship
330-530-16009 Mass Communications Faculty Recognition Diversity Scholarship
330-530-16001 Mass Communications Scholarships
330-505-00950 May Bowle Art Scholarship
625-500-56003 May Bowle Endowment
330-535-20004 May Bowle Music Scholarship
625-535-70015 Mildred E. McGonagle Vocal Music Endowed Scholarship
330-515-09200 Mollie Young Marinovich Outstanding Internship Award
330-535-20006 Music Scholarships
625-535-70018 Myrl Carlsen Scholarship
330-505-00954 Nancy Levy Memorial Scholarship in Art History
625-505-50954 Ralph Heimdahl Memorial Scholarship
625-515-59203 Ray Pedersen Memorial Scholarship
330-725-14851 Religious Studies/Philosophy Scholarship
625-720-61402 Resurrection AMEZ Church Anti-Racism and Social Justice Scholarship
625-010-62028 Richard and Alice Barg Meinz Memorial Music Scholarship
625-530-66009 Rick L. Groff Memorial Scholarship in Mass Communications
625-515-59204 Robert and Alice Wick Communication Studies Scholarship
725-515-59205 Robert and LuBell Kendall Ethics in Speech Communication Award
725-530-66018 Robert D. Fuller Mass Communications Scholarship
625-535-70014 Roger Barrett Scholarship for Students in Brass Music Education
625-545-78505 Ronald G. Perrier Endowed Scholarship in Film Studies
625-535-70026 Ruth Gant Piano Scholarship
330-500-06002 School of the Arts Scholarships
625-530-66012 Sheila Wilken-Kerber Memorial Scholarship in Mass Communications
330-755-27102 Sociology Scholarships
625-545-78506 Theatre Endowed Scholarship
825-500-56006 Todd DeVriese Memorial Scholarship for Arts & Humanities
330-530-16010 Tyler Bieber Mass Communications Scholarship
330-530-16005 Vadnelly Journalism Scholarship
825-735-63607 Walter Solberg History Scholarship
330-720-11421 We Are One Scholarship
625-540-62037 Women in Philosophy Endowed Scholarship

College of Science and Engineering - Program Funds

398-160-01203 Aero Club
310-605-01204 Aero Club Alumni Association
310-610-01301 Aquatic Research
310-610-01307 Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory
310-605-01201 Aviation
310-610-01303 Biological Sciences
315-610-01305 Biology Field Trips
310-615-03600 Chemistry
310-600-07002 College of Science and Engineering
310-620-09702 Computer Networking and Applications
310-620-09701 Computer Science & Information Technology
810-620-59703 Computer Sciences Quasi Endowment
325-600-07004 COSE Professional Development and Faculty Travel Fund
390-600-07006 COSE Student and Faculty Research Support Fund
615-635-61307 Dr. Perry G. Rawland Memorial Library Fund
310-625-10500 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
310-630-10901 Electrical Engineering Program
310-635-11301 Environmental and Technology Studies
310-635-11300 Environmental Studies
320-600-07020 ISELF Fund
640-635-61302 John Buckman ETS Endowment
310-645-18105 Manufacturing and Engineering Educational Support Fund
310-645-18103 Master of Engineering Management Program
610-640-67006 Math Department Program Enhancement Fund
310-640-17001 Mathematics and Statistics
310-645-18102 Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
320-600-07005 Mobile Science Laboratory Fund
310-615-03602 Observatory and Planetarium
310-615-03601 Physics, Astronomy and Engineering
610-635-61303 Ray Larson Leadership Conference
310-600-07001 Science/Engineering Student Professional Development Fund
315-645-18101 Society of Automotive Engineering Formula Project
310-600-27000 Society of Women Engineers
310-611-29200 Wildlife Rehabilitation

College of Science and Engineering - Scholarships

725-610-51315 Al Grewe Memorial Scholarship
625-640-67008 Allen and Betty Brink Mathematics Educators Scholarship
625-635-61304 Bauerly Brothers Construction Management Scholarship
625-610-51314 Biology Endowed Scholarship
330-645-18104 Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association Scholarship
625-610-51312 Charles Rehwaldt Endowment for the Biological Sciences
625-010-62044 Christopher Stephen Warden Biomedical Scholarship
330-600-07000 College of Science and Engineering Scholarships
330-600-07003 Darlene M. Carlson Scholarship for Juniors in the Sciences
625-615-53601 David Sorensen Chemistry Scholarship
625-610-51313 Dorothy Barker Scholarship
725-625-60502 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Scholarship
625-630-60905 Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarship
625-620-59704 F. Glen Hamilton Scholarship
625-610-51309 George W. Friedrich Wildlife Protection Fund
625-640-67009 Gerald T. Johnson Mathematics Scholarship
625-610-51310 Gladys and Doc Nelson Endowed Biology Scholarship
625-610-51308 Gregory John Harkins Endowment
625-610-51311 Harold and Gladys I. Hopkins Scholarship
330-630-10900 IEEE Student Scholarship
625-635-61306 Jackie Hanson Environmental Studies Scholarship
630-610-51316 Jerry O. Wolff Biology Graduate Student Enrichment Fund
625-610-51307 John C. and Elsie M. Coulter Scholarship in Science Education
625-615-53602 John Laakso Chemistry Scholarship
330-605-01206 Ken Raiber Aviation Scholarship
625-605-51209 Kimberly Ann Ritsche Scholarship in Aviation
625-620-59705 Kodak Professional Imaging Scholarship
625-635-61305 Lewis R. Royer Award for Quality/Excellence
625-640-67003 Louisa Johnson Teachers of Math Scholarship
330-645-18100 Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship
625-640-67004 Margaret and Clifford Bemis Endowed Scholarship in Math Education
625-640-67002 Math/Computer Science/Statistics Endowed Scholarship
330-640-17000 Math/Computer Science/Statistics Scholarships
625-610-51317 Max and Betty Partch Scholarship in Plant Ecology
725-625-60503 Miriam Spitzer-Norman Weisman Memorial Scholarship in Synoptic Meteorology
725-620-59702 Monte Johnson Computer Science Scholarship Endowment
725-645-68103 Park Industries Endowed Scholarship
625-615-53603 Physics and Astronomy Endowed Scholarship
625-630-60904 Pierce Wikman Memorial Scholarship in Electrical Engineering
330-635-10921 Project Lead the Way Scholarship
330-630-10902 Robert A. Higgins Electrical Engineering Scholarship
625-600-57004 Robert and Alice Wick Sciences Scholarship
825-605-51217 Robert D. Ryan Memorial Scholarship in Technology
330-630-10903 Roy Johnson Annual Scholarship (Engineering)
625-645-68104 William L. Carlson Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Herberger Business School - Program Funds

310-310-00105 Accounting
325-310-00104 Accounting Program Faculty Development
310-340-15350 APICS Education & Research Fund
610-300-54008 Arnold Schneider Endowment
315-320-01254 Center for Information Assurance Studies
310-330-11603 Finance/Insurance/Real Estate Department
610-300-54050 Harold Anderson Entrepreneurial Center Endowment
310-300-04001 Herberger Business School
610-300-54009 Herberger Business School Endowment
315-300-04007 Herberger Business School Study Abroad Fund
315-330-11600 Husky Growth Fund
310-300-04003 Industry-Based Faculty Development
310-320-01253 Information Systems - Operating
310-322-14701 International Business Program
310-340-15352 Management Department
310-350-15500 Marketing
310-300-18000 MBA Program
390-300-04004 Micro-loan Program Fund
310-331-26301 Minnesota Chair in Real Estate Fund
615-331-76303 MN Real Estate Chair Endowment
610-300-54004 Norbert Lindskog Fund
310-331-26300 Real Estate Development
610-330-61611 Risk Management/Insurance Education Endowment
310-305-13450 Small Business Development Center

Herberger Business School - Scholarships

330-310-00102 Accounting Scholarships
625-330-61614 Brian and Karla Myres Endowed Scholarship
625-300-54016 Byron Bergren Business School Scholarship
725-280-50395 Caliber Scholarship
625-330-61615 Central MN Estate Planning Council Scholarship
625-310-50108 Cindy Lopez Memorial Scholarship
625-300-54014 Clair and Doris Daggett Endowed Scholarship
725-310-50110 Construction Financial Management Association Scholarship
625-330-61613 Crumpton Farrell Finance & Economics Scholarship
725-300-54012 Diana Clarke Carter Business Scholarship
625-330-61616 Donald Victor Hess Memorial Scholarship
625-340-55351 Dr. Dwaine Reed Tallent Business Management Scholarship
625-300-54015 Dr. James G. and Ruth P. Marmas Endowed Scholarship
625-350-65501 Dr. Rose Reha Marketing/General Business Scholarship
625-300-54006 Duane Joyer Memorial Scholarship
725-300-54010 Elloyd A. Hauser Endowed Scholarship
330-320-01251 Federated Insurance Information Systems Scholarship
330-330-11601 Finance Alumni and Faculty Scholarship
330-310-00101 Fran Neidermeier Accounting Scholarship
330-300-04002 Herberger Business School Scholarships
330-341-14301 Human Resources Management Scholarships
330-320-01255 Information Assurance Scholarship
330-320-01252 Information Systems Scholarship
330-330-11607 Insurance Scholarships
330-300-14700 International Business Student Scholarship
625-330-61612 Isabelle Day Scholarship Endowment
625-300-54007 Janochoski Family Business School Scholarship
625-310-50107 Larry Strand Family Scholarship in Accounting
330-340-14302 Management Scholarships
625-310-50109 Ming-te and Debra Lu Information Systems & Accounting Scholarship
330-330-11606 Minnesota Risk Insurance Management Society Scholarship
625-331-76305 MN Chair in Real Estate Scholarship
330-331-26304 MNCAR Scholarship
625-331-76306 Neil Kennedy Memorial Scholarship
330-340-15351 Operations Management Scholarship
330-350-15511 Ralph Hedlund Entrenpreneurship Scholarship
330-331-26302 Real Estate Scholarships
625-331-76304 Richard Chalstrom/Raymond Anderson Scholarship in Real Estate
625-330-61610 Robert and Ronald Besonen Endowed Scholarship
625-350-65503 Robert Calhoun Scholarship
330-300-04006 Robert Hebeisen Business Scholarship
625-320-51254 Ruth K. Meyer Scholarship
825-331-76307 Scot Radel Real Estate Scholarship
330-300-04005 SCSU Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society Scholarship
625-331-76308 SCSU Real Estate Alumni Association Scholarship
330-331-26303 SIOR Minnesota Chapter Scholarship
625-330-61609 Stein Family Endowed Scholarship
625-350-65502 Storms Agency Endowed Scholarship
330-320-01256 Wes Schiffler Information Systems Scholarship
825-300-54011 Wheelock Business School Quasi Endowment

Learning Resources Services / Information Technology Services Funds

390-205-15102 Don Boros Theater Collection
310-206-14800 Information Technology Services
640-205-65107 James W. Miller Family Technology Fund
310-205-15105 Joan K. Blaska Book Fund
310-205-15103 Learning Resources Services
610-205-65108 Learning Resources Services Endowed Fund
640-205-65104 Learning Resources Technology Endowment Fund
690-205-50900 William M. Lindgren Asian Collection Endowment

Administrative and Student Services - Program Funds

310-220-00030 Academic Learning Center
310-090-19100 Advanced Driving Programs
310-215-00800 Advising and Registration Day
315-105-00857 All Tribes Council
310-105-00854 American Indian Center
315-105-00858 American Indian Nursing Project
315-055-29002 Anti-Hate Reward Fund
310-110-01150 Atwood Memorial Center
615-280-50368 Bangtson Family Alumni Endowment
310-065-02352 Business Office
310-141-02501 Campus Recreation
310-200-00009 CARE Initiative Program
310-115-02650 Career Services
310-200-00011 Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
310-200-00010 Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education
310-285-03003 Center for International Studies
315-050-14950 Central Minnesota Audio Newspapers
310-130-15300 Child Care Center
310-055-29001 Communications - Media
310-245-02450 Computer Services - Academic
310-260-09800 Continuing Studies
310-120-09850 Counseling and Related Services
310-160-10201 Department of Campus Involvement
310-240-10400 Division of General Studies
310-061-02300 Facilities Management
310-095-24024 Financial Aid Office
310-210-28802 First Year Experience, University College
310-270-13300 Graduate Studies
390-060-12021 Green Initiatives
620-290-50006 Hellervik Prize for Research Proposals
310-090-19101 Highway Safety Center
310-225-13800 Honors Program
310-285-03004 International Student Assistance Program
310-065-02350 Inventory Management
310-050-14951 KVSC-FM Fund
310-125-13250 LGBT Resource Center
615-175-79413 Mary B. Craik Endowed Fund
310-227-19000 Mediation Program
310-135-19311 Miigwech Fund
620-200-50005 Miller Scholars Program
310-211-19200 Multicultural Resource Center
310-135-19302 Multicultural Student Services
398-160-25000 Phi Kappa Phi, SCSU Chapter
310-080-26000 Production Printing Services
310-085-26200 Public Safety Department
310-281-26500 Records and Registration
310-145-26600 Residential Life
320-060-00300 Ritsche Auditorium AV Equipment Maintenance
320-060-12057 Riverwalk
620-290-50007 Roy and Barbara Saigo Endowment for Faculty and Staff Excellence
310-290-27600 Sponsored Programs
390-100-28007 St. Cloud Community Garden
340-100-28012 St. Cloud State University Recovery Community Fund
310-150-27900 Student Disability Services
310-155-13500 Student Health - Special Services & Programs
340-160-10205 Student Leadership Development Fund
310-100-28001 Student Life and Development
315-290-27602 Student Research Colloquium
310-285-03002 Study Abroad Student Assistance Fund
690-110-50700 Toshiaki and Fumiko Saigo Memorial Endowment
310-100-28004 U-Choose Fund
310-210-28800 University College and Student Support Services
315-280-00360 University Ambassadors
310-055-29000 University Communications/Public Relations
340-100-28003 Veterans Resource Center
310-170-29100 Volunteer Connection
340-170-29103 William H. Kurtz Sustainability Service Award
310-175-29405 Women's Center

School of Education - Program Funds

610-445-77307 Alice L. Binger Endowment in Special Education
340-445-27300 Barbara Gunderson Memorial Fund for Student Conference Travel
310-465-14103 Central MN Teachers of Color Consortium
310-415-03802 Child and Family Studies
310-425-10800 Educational Leadership & Higher Education
315-425-10808 Higher Education Administration EdD Fund
310-435-14250 Human Relations and Multicultural Education
310-405-02820 Information Media Fund
320-400-05022 Instructional Technology Discovery Lab Fund
340-465-14105 Licensure Exam Student Support Fund
320-400-05023 Literacy Development Education Classroom Fund
310-410-03950 Office of Clinical Experiences
325-465-14100 Office of Student Services
615-400-55010 Pearl Marea Schenk Speaker's Fund
310-400-05002 School of Education
310-435-14260 Social Responsibility
310-445-27302 Special Education
310-465-14104 Special Projects and Applied Research Center
310-455-28204 Teacher Development
310-455-28202 Teacher Development Instructional Fund
310-460-28400 Teacher Quality Enhancement Center
310-465-14101 Teachers of Color Project
310-400-05005 Teaching Excellence Center
840-400-05014 Vera Russell Curriculum Technology Center Lab Fund
720-400-55017 Vera Russell CTC Endowed Graduate Assistantship
735-400-55018 Vera Russell Endowed Graduate Student Research Travel Award
320-400-05016 Vera Russell School of Education "Center Concept" Fund
390-400-05017 Vera Russell School of Education Community Partnerships Fund

School of Education - Scholarships

625-425-60804 Alice L. Binger Scholarship for Internship Programs
625-280-50392 Arthur J. Kurtzman Sr. Scholarship in Education
330-445-27307 Beverly Timmers Sch for Special Edu Student Teaching Semester
625-465-53902 Bob and Phyllis Goff Education Scholarship
630-405-65202 Bonnie Hedin Graduate Fellowship for Library Media Specialists
625-400-55008 Brewer Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education
625-455-78222 Bruce and Gail Geyer Scholarship in Education
830-405-65204 Carl and Marilyn Savage Endowment in Information Media
625-455-78216 Carol Virginia Walsh Wood Endowed Scholarship in Secondary Educat
625-455-78217 Catherine Mary Gohl Memorial Scholarship
625-455-78225 Charles Emery Memorial Scholarship for Student Teaching
625-400-55007 Christine Adolphson Memorial Scholarship
730-405-65201 Dennis Fields Scholarship in Information Media
625-455-78220 Dora Perry Scholarship in Middle Education
625-455-78226 Doug Johnson Memorial Scholarship
330-400-05001 Dr. Carolyn Ruth Armstrong Williams Family Scholarship
625-405-65203 Dr. Doreen Keable Learning Resources Center Memorial Scholarship
625-175-79408 Elaine Leach Women in Education Admin Endowed Scholarship
330-445-27308 Ella Topp Special Education Scholarship
825-455-78231 Elnora Kraft Elementary Education Scholarship
625-400-55021 Elsie Kalionen Scholars Fund for Future Teachers
625-445-77304 Eva Gadberry Memorial Scholarship for Special Education Graduate Students
330-415-03808 Fati Zarghami Travel Scholarship for CFS Cultural Experiences
625-455-78214 Floyd & Esther Gilbert Memorial Scholarship in Teacher Development
625-465-53901 Francesca Lucio-Weber Scholarship for Multicultural Teaching Emphasis
625-455-78213 Fred and Marvel Menninga Scholarship in Teacher Education
625-455-78227 Glen and Ruth Allen Jadwin Scholarship in Teacher Development
625-415-53805 Golden Rule Scholarship in Child and Family Studies
625-455-78228 Golden Rule Scholarship in Elementary Education
625-455-78211 Howard Merriman Memorial Scholarship in Secondary Education
330-435-14251 Human Relations Scholarship
330-425-10807 Imbra-Steffens Scholarship for Women in Higher Education
625-455-78215 Irma L. Franzen and Walter J. Gerzin Scholarship
625-400-55016 Irvamae Applegate Memorial Endowed Scholarship
330-415-03801 Jack Mayala Scholarship in Child & Family Studies
630-425-60803 James & Muriel Grunerud Scholarship in Educational Administration
825-410-55100 Jim and Beverly Pehler Student Teacher Emergency Need Scholarship
335-405-02800 John G. Berling Award for Outstanding IM Graduate Projects
330-415-03803 Kathryn Kelly Scholarship
625-455-78219 Klein - Crowder Family Scholarship in Education
825-445-77306 Kristi Lieser Special Education Endowed Scholarship
625-445-77303 Larry Strand Family Scholarship in Special Education
630-405-65200 Luther Brown Scholarship
625-455-78221 M. Marie Trumbull Elementary Education Scholarship
625-280-50387 Margaret L. Neary Future Teachers Endowed Scholarship
625-445-77305 Maybelle Smith Scholarship
330-455-28206 Megan Christopherson Hoisington Scholarship
625-455-78208 Melissa Johnson Memorial Scholarship
330-405-02810 Mert and Marcia Thompson IM Scholarship for Study Abroad
825-400-55020 Morris Family Scholarship
330-455-28203 Odette Hedlund Scholarship
825-415-53806 Olga Satre Hart Scholarship for Education Students
330-400-05000 Olga Satre Hart Scholarship for Education Students in Athletics
335-415-03806 Pamm Minden Award for Outstanding CFS Graduate Research
625-455-78210 Patricia Schumacher Teacher Development Scholarship
330-445-27309 Possum Works Segue Scholarship in Special Education
330-465-14102 Project Bootstrap
625-455-78223 Sarah Ann Uhl Cram Scholarship in Education
330-400-05006 School of Education Scholarships
625-455-78218 Schuyler C. Joyner Scholarship in Education
330-445-27310 Special Education Scholarship
330-455-28205 Teacher Development Academic Scholarship
330-455-28201 Thomas Park Memorial Scholarship in Elementary Education
825-455-78240 Valeria Lind Fredell Scholarship for Future K-12 Reading & Elementary Teachers
625-455-78209 Vernon and Ardis Mork Scholarship
825-400-55012 Wheelock Education Quasi Endowment
625-455-78224 William and Alice Lund English Memorial Scholarship
625-455-78212 William & Mary Leopard and Bertha Binnie Leopard Scholarship in Education

School of Health and Human Services - Program Funds

310-575-18504 Adapted Aquatics
310-575-18530 Adult Fitness
310-560-18340 Applied Behavior Analysis Program
310-560-18350 Chemical Dependency Program
310-555-18202 Communication Sciences and Disorders
310-560-18320 Community Counseling Program
310-560-18310 Community Psychology
310-560-18300 Counselor Education and Educational Psychology
310-575-18510 Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) Fund
310-570-18400 Gerontology
310-575-18501 Health and Safety
310-575-18502 Kinesiology, Health & Physical Education
310-580-18600 Laboratory Sciences
310-560-18330 Marriage and Family Therapy Program
310-580-18622 Medical Physics
310-585-18701 Nursing Program
310-575-18500 Recreation
310-550-05500 School of Health & Human Services
310-590-18800 Social Work-Operating
615-560-52200 Willis E Dugan Endowed Fund for Counselor Service and Development

School of Health and Human Services - Scholarships

625-575-52400 A.F. Brainard Memorial Scholarship in PE
825-575-52402 Amber Zapzalka Physical Education Endowed Scholarship
330-560-18351 Chemical Dependency Licensure Internship
625-575-52401 Colonel and Phyllis Nemec Endowed Scholarship for PE Students
625-555-52100 Communication Disorders Faculty Endowed Scholarship
330-555-18204 Communication Sciences and Disorders Diversity Scholarship
625-560-52201 Eugene and Lorraine Perkins Scholarship in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling
825-555-52103 Gail and Dean Anderson Graduate Scholarship in Communication Sciences & Disorders
625-585-52601 Harriet Rundquist Nursing Scholarship
625-585-52602 Inez Rank Nursing Scholarship
625-585-52600 Kay Bayne Memorial Scholarship
330-555-18200 Mary S. Weise Scholarship for Clinical Excellence
625-555-52102 Mostoller Family Communication Disorders Endowed Scholarship
330-580-18610 North Central Pathology Medical Laboratory Sciences Scholarship
825-550-52000 Olga B. Satre Hart "Giving Back" Scholarship
330-555-18203 St. Cloud Area Sertoma Eugene Theisen Memorial Scholarship
330-550-05501 School of Health & Human Services Scholarship
625-590-52700 Social Work Department Awards Fund
330-590-18801 Social Work Field Professional Growth Fund

School of Public Affairs - Program Funds

310-371-12211 Center for Economic Education
310-380-12350 Community Development
310-361-12101 Criminal Justice Studies
310-390-12400 Democratic Citizenship
310-371-12200 Economics
340-371-12204 Economics Reading Group
310-380-12300 Geography
310-361-12190 Justice Research Center
325-380-12302 Land Surveying Accreditation Support
615-380-54401 Louis E. Leipold Endowment in Geography
310-390-12401 Political Science
310-390-12402 Political Science Pre-Law Advising Program Fund
310-390-12450 Public Administration
310-355-04500 School of Public Affairs
315-380-12301 Siberia-SCSU Geography Exchange Program
310-380-12303 Social Studies
315-371-12221 Winter Institute

School of Public Affairs - Scholarships

625-361-54204 Arvid R. Hansen Memorial Scholarship
625-361-54201 Caldecott Family Scholarship in Criminal Justice
625-390-54502 Caldecott Family Scholarship in Political Science
330-361-12100 Criminal Justice Scholarships
330-380-12304 Dale Trippler Geography and Planning Scholarship
625-380-54490 Dr. Robert O. Bixby Memorial Scholarship
330-371-12201 Economics Scholarships
725-361-54203 Joseph E. Plant Living the Dream Scholarship in Criminal Justice
625-380-54450 Kent Robertson Community Development Scholarship
625-361-54202 Kimberly Ritsche Scholarship in Criminal Justice
625-390-54500 Mark Foerster Congressional Internship Fund
625-380-62003 Melvin and Shirley Kazeck Scholarship in Geography
335-371-12203 Michael D. White Economics Fellowship
330-380-12355 Minnesota Economic Development Foundation Fund
825-380-54451 Neil B. Thompson Memorial Scholarship
625-390-54503 Nick Begich Endowed Scholarship
625-390-54501 Robert Becker Memorial Endowed Scholarship
725-390-54504 Ronald and Eleanor Riggs Scholarship in Political Science
330-371-12202 Rose Marie Gamber Scholarship in Economics
625-380-54402 Ruben L. Parson Geography Scholarship
330-355-04501 School of Public Affairs Scholarship
330-380-12341 Ulteig Engineers Land Surveying Scholarship for Seniors
330-380-12340 Westwood Professional Services Land Surveying Scholarship
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