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Candace Leyk, an honors student who graduated in July with a double major in mass communications and Spanish, earned a Rose Scholarship. Since 2000, the Rose Scholarship Fund has awarded more than $150,000 to St. Cloud State scholars majoring in mass communications with an emphasis in broadcasting. Rose, a 30-year veteran of the broadcasting industry, is the former president of Emmis Radio and founder of ROI Media Solutions of Los Angeles.

“The Rose Scholarship is the reason I am at St. Cloud State University,” said Leyk. “As the oldest of four children, I knew paying for college would be challenging so I worked very hard to secure scholarships. I am so thankful for the generosity of Mr. Rose and for all the opportunities I’ve had at St. Cloud State.”

Our donors, like Doyle Rose ’72, believe their generosity makes the world better for our students. Candace Leyk is living proof of that philosophy.

Candace Leyk '07


Leyk said being a Rose Scholar has been very humbling. “I am overwhelmed with gratitude each time I think about the scholarship or when I write to Mr. Rose. I see the opportunities I’ve had as a gift. I’ve worked extremely hard to be a good steward of that gift and to make the most of my education.”

The Rose Scholarship also has influenced her thoughts regarding future philanthropy.

“I hope to give back to the future of St. Cloud State and to the future of Minnesota and our nation in equal or greater measure to what I’ve been given. I love to watch people use their potential, and I see scholarships as offering major assistance in the process.”

Because Leyk graduated early, she is applying a portion of her Rose Scholarship to graduate school. She will pursue her master’s degree in mass communications at St. Cloud State University. She hopes to teach through a graduate assistantship and to work on a documentary film during her studies.

Her definition of a dream job has changed through her time as a St. Cloud State undergraduate student.

“Various experiences – courses, developing relationships with professors, studying abroad in Chile for a semester, leadership activities and my job in the Media Division for the City of St. Cloud – have expanded my horizons and focused my goals,” she said.

“I love the realm of communications – spreading information on a global scale to influence and inform.

“Reading, writing and speaking have always been my passions, so a career in mass communications is a practical way to use my skills and interests while influencing and impacting society.”

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