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History Internship: General Guidelines

The internship program of the Department of History is designed to give competent, interested students an opportunity to participate in an approved off-campus learning and work situation which relates to the major. The program offers the student an opportunity to relate course work and major requirements to their application in the working world. See HIST 444 in the course listings. A maximum of three (3) credits may be applied to the elective credits needed in the major program. Any remaining credits apply as general electives toward graduation. Students interested in the internship program should contact the department as early as possible to apply for the program.

The Program Committee, in discussing an Internship program for interested History students, has agreed on the following guidelines:

1. Eligibility:

History majors preferred, BA, BS, MA, MS. The student must be at least a junior or senior.

2. Credits:

a) The exact number of credits will be determined by the nature of the Internship and through faculty-student consultation.
b) The Internship may be spread over more than one semester and/or summer sessions.

3. Selection Of Intern:

a) The History Department and a prospective agency will screen applicants for Internships.

4. Responsibility:

a) Don Hofsommer will serve as contact person for the Internship program.
b) Don Hofsommer will designate a faculty member, after consultation, to work with the Agency and to supervise the Intern.

5. Evaluation:

a) The nature of the Internship work should be directly related to the History major (e.g.--historical research, writing, archival work; evaluation, collection of materials).
b) History Department supervisor and Agency supervisor may provide written evaluations.
c) Some form of written report may be required of the student.

6. Contract:

A contract spelling out the nature of the Internship, evaluation procedures, withdrawal provisions, and other responsibilities of the Intern, Agency and Department may be required.

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