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New Student Scholarship Auditions


    • Saturday, January 30, 2016
    • Saturday, February 20, 2016


    • Friday, February 5, 2016 - at Anoka-Ramsey Community College
    • Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - at Normandale Community College

Returning Student Scholarship Auditions

  • Friday, February 19, 2016The Music Department curriculum is nationally accredited and emphasizes creativity, individual student learning and vibrant performance opportunities fostered by highly experienced and accessible faculty.

Students intending to major in music who complete an Entrance Audition will be considered for a music scholarship. Awards range from $1500 to $4000.

All entering students wishing to study an applied instrument for the fulfillment of curriculum required of a music degree must perform an entrance audition.


Course work for the music major follows an established sequential pattern. To ensure proper sequencing and timely completion of course work, students must seek the advice of a faculty member in the music department. It is the student's responsibility to seek this advice at the beginning of the freshman year.

Applying for the major

Application to the B.A. degree should be made upon completion of 15 semester credit hours. Application to the B.M. and B.S. degrees typically occurs at the end of the second year. Contact your music adviser for more information.

A grade of "C" or above in all music classes is required for all music major or minor degree programs. A "C-" in a music course is not considered a passing grade for the music major.

Transfer students. Students wishing to transfer to St. Cloud State University should contact the department chairperson for evaluation of music credits before entering the degree program. Placement exams in theory, musicianship, piano, history and applied areas may be required for transfer credit acceptance consideration.

The exam will determine the validity of the transfer credits. Students not performing well on the exam may be required to repeat music history courses. The exam will be offered at the three annual audition dates.

Instrumental music majors and minors. A minimum of three years of high school experience in band or orchestra is recommended for prospective instrumental music majors and minors.

Vocal Music majors and minors. A minimum of three years of high school experience in a vocal group is recommended for prospective vocal music majors and minors. Incoming freshman students who have not had one year previous study may be advised to take class voice prior to private lessons in voice.

Private applied lessons. Students should pick up an application or DOWNLOAD an application. All incoming students must audition for private lessons during the first week of each semester or during scholarship audition days.

    1 Credit lessons meet 1/2 hour weekly.
    2 Credit lessons meet 1 hour weekly.
    3 Credit lessons meet 1 l/2 hours weekly (B.M. majors only)

Students not majoring in music may register for private lessons as electives if they are registered in a music department performing organization. Priority for private lessons is given to music majors and minors.

Departmental fees. Students will be charged an extra fee for each credit of private instruction. Students using university owned instruments will be charged an annual rental fee. Students taking piano instruction will be charged a piano usage fee.

Departmental juries. All undergraduate students enrolled in applied lessons are required to perform a jury at the end of the semester. A recital may take the place of a jury. Non majors, at the discretion of the applied teacher, may be excused from a jury the first semester of study.

Piano proficiency. All music major degree programs require a piano proficiency examination. The exam is designed to ensure that all students master practical piano performance skills. Content of the proficiency examination is available from the music office.

Students are strongly encouraged to begin piano study during the freshman year, and continue lessons until the piano proficiency exam is completed. Students may take the piano proficiency exam at any time during piano study but no later than the second semester of the sophomore year.

Piano placement auditions occur during the first three days of classes each semester.

MUSP 101, 102 and 110 Placement Information (pdf 1.6mb)
Dr. Carmen Wilhite

Theory placement exam. A theory placement exam will be given to all incoming students, freshmen and transfer students. Results determine placement into MUSM 100 or MUSM 101.

Sample Theory Placement Exam (pdf 56k)
Questions? Dr. Melissa Krause

Freshman students. Freshman students interested in a music degree should enroll in the following courses for fall semester and should contact the music office regarding theory placement exam, applied lessons and auditions for performing organizations.

  1. MUSM 125. Music in World Culture.
  2. Applied music lessons. Instrumental or vocal. Applications for applied music lessons are available in the music office or online at In addition to lessons in an applied major, applied piano lessons are recommended for all music majors as preparation for the piano proficiency.
  3. Performing organization. Musical performing organizations are available for all levels of musical experience. Auditions are held during the first week of classes. Contact department or go online for audition dates and director contact information.

Upper Division Writing Requirement. Completion of MUSM 323 fulfills the Upper Division Writing Requirement for all bachelor's degree programs offered by the Department of Music. BES majors in music and transfer students may seek permission through the department chair and the instructor of record to accept the completion of MUSM 321 or 322 to fulfill the UDWR.

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Questions? Dr. Catherine Verrilli

Placement exams and entrance auditions will be given the first week of each semester.

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