Music Department - St. Cloud State University

Music Department - St. Cloud State University

Traditions of the Husky Sports Band

Thank You for Learning, Thank You for Teaching.Husky Sports Band wearing Santa Hats

At the end of each rehearsal and performance the Director of the Husky Sports Band says "Thank You for Learning" to the band members and they reply by saying "Thank You for Teaching."

This is from the Suzuki string teaching method and signals the end of each rehearsal or performance.

Santa Hats

On the last home basketball game before holiday break the entire Husky Sports Band wears red and white Santa hats in the stands at Halenbeck Hall.


Basketball Palindrome

During home basketball games when the score creates a palindrome (same number sequence forwards as backwards) the band chants "Pa-lin-drome!" as loudly as possible until a change in the score. It doesn't happen often, but when it does we remind everyone.

Husky Sports Band Victory Bell


Victory Bell

Before every kickoff at Husky Stadium a student in the Husky Sports Band plays the Victory Bell (which is a converted metal milk container). It's really loud and we love it.

Football Pregame Tunnel Run

Before every pregame performance, the Husky Sports Band runs out onto the football field from the tunnel under the stadium while the drumline plays. This was the idea of Drum Major David Kiel in 2010.

2007 Husky Sports Band Birthday Cake

Celebrating the Band Birthday

The first performance of the Husky Sports Band was Saturday, March 1st, 2006 at the home basketball games in Halenbeck Hall.

Every March1st since that day the Husky Sports Band has celebrated their birthday with free cake and decorations for everyone during the day.

Veteran Dog Tags

Since we are the St. Cloud State Huskies, the second-year veterans of the Husky Sports Band are recognized with black, metal dog tags. Written on each dog tag is "Husky License - The Sound of St. Cloud State - Husky Sports Band"

Therefore, when you see a member of the Husky Sports Band at a rehearsal or performance and theyare wearing a dog tag, you know that they are a veteran. Cone of Awesome

The Cone of Awesome

Around 2012 the Husky Sports Band started recognizing band members and sections that were putting in more work than normal by awarding that person or persons the Cone of Awesome.

If you have the Cone of Awesome you have permission to paint, decorate, cut, or paste anything you want until it is awarded again. It has since been blue, pink, red, black, and even had feathers for a while.

Dumpster Heaven and the Grassy Knoll

The area behind Husky Stadium where the winds stretch and warm-up prior to pregame has been known as the "Grassy Knoll" while the area between Halenbeck and the Hockey Arena where the drumline warms up is known as "DumpsterHeaven" due to the nearby dumpsters.

Respect the C in Honor of St. Cloud State

We consider it bad luck to our teams when we walk on the St. Cloud State floor logo in the hallway of Halenbeck Hall. Therefore, band members often try to walk around the floor logo.

First Piece of Music

The first piece of music added to the music library for the St. Cloud State Bands was the Albanian March by R.B. Hall, Copyright 1895 by Carl Fischer.

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