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St. Cloud State University is engaged in a reorganization of its colleges, departments and programs into a structure that can most effectively address the educational needs of the 21st Century. Until the Department of Music can determine what effect the university’s reorganization process might have upon our graduate programs in music, we are not accepting any new admissions into the graduate degree programs in music. The Department of Music expects that it may take between 1 and 3 years before we are prepared to take new admissions. This process will have absolutely no effect on our Undergraduate Programs in music.

In the interim, the Department of Music may continue to offer a variety of graduate courses in music. Students who have not been admitted to a specific degree program (Non-Degree Seeking Special Student) may take up to 10 credits of graduate level courses in music that can later be applied to a master’s degree program in music if admissions to be reinstated or transferred to another institution. The process for the Non-Degree Seeking Special Student Registration Opportunity is clearly outlined at:

If you are interested in registering for courses in music at the graduate level, please consult our online list of course offerings periodically to see what courses are available.

You may contact Dr. Melissa Krause at or (320) 308-3283, or Dr. Terry Vermillion at or (320) 308-3223 with any questions you might have. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we participate in the university’s restructuring process.

Sincerely, Terry Vermillion, Chair

Melissa Krause, Graduate Coordinator

Music Teachers: Do you want to improve your musical and pedagogical skillsWe believe music is a vital human experience. We have the highest expectations of students and faculty and are committed to their growth and development. as a classroom teacher and broaden your knowledge of current methods of music education?

Conductors: Do you want to improve your conducting/teaching skills  and improve your musical knowledge?

Piano Teachers:  Do you want to improve your piano performance skills and your teaching technics?

Then you should check our online listing of graduate courses in music to see what courses we are currently offering!


Dr. Melissa Krause, Graduate Coordinator for the Music Department / (320) 308-3122

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