Music Department - St. Cloud State University

Music Department - St. Cloud State University


Preparatory Program

The Preparatory Program currently consists of the Cantabile Girls Choir Program and individual private music instruction. All programs are taught by approved instructors who are department faculty, graduate students, music graduates or undergraduate students with faculty supervision.

Nancy Parker, Preparatory Program Director

Private lessons are held weekly with specific lesson times arranged by the instructors. Lesson fees are set depending on the qualifications of the instructors.

Private Lesson Program Brochure

Goals of the Preparatory Program

  1. Provide a standard of excellence in music instruction so that students acquire the skills and musicianship for a lifetime of playing/singing enjoyment.
  2. Foster individuality in musical expression while developing poise and self-confidence through appropriate performance opportunities.
  3. Provide the opportunity for students to develop a sensitivity to beauty and an appreciation for diverse styles and types of music.
  4. Enhance the college experience of SCSU music majors by supplying opportunities for observation, interaction, and supervised teaching experience.
  5. Serve the department, the University and the community by offering quality experiences which encourage interaction among students, faculty and community members.

Preparatory Program Teachers

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