Music Department - St. Cloud State University

Music Department - St. Cloud State University


  • mp3 (222k) Amazing Grace ar. Keith McCutchen - Concert Choir
  • mp3 (97k) Exsultate Deo by A. Scarlatti - Chamber Singers
  • mp3 (148k) Never Die by L. Dengler - Women's Choir
  • mp3 (242k) Cantique de Jean Racine - Concert Choir
  • mp3 (425k) God of Grace and God of Glory - Men's Choir
  • mp3 (383k) Little Innocent Lamb arr. Bartholomew - Men's Choir
  • mp3 (198k) Niagra Falls (1997) by Michael Daughtery - Wind Ensemble
  • mp3 (158k) Prelude in Eflat Minor by Shostakovich - Wind Ensemble
  • mp3 (242k) America the Beautiful - Wind Ensemble
  • mp3 (843k) Kum-Bah-Ya (1965) arr. Roger Barrett - Wind Ensemble
  • mp3 (117k) Once Around by Thad Jones - Jazz Ensemble
  • mp3 (118k) Breakfast Wine by Randy Aldcroft - Jazz Ensemble
  • mp3 (247k) Chiro Chacho - Mallet Ensemble

St. Cloud State Rouser

mp3 Audio (857k) Sheet Music (pdf 332k)

St. Cloud State University Hymn

mp3 Audio (1.53mb) Sheet Music (pdf 132k)



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University Hymn

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