Building blocks for the new University

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

David DeGroote, dean of the College of Science & Engineering, is excited to launch construction on his five-year dream of a cross-disciplinary Integrated Science and Engineering Laboratory Facility ISELF

This August St. Cloud State rededicated a beautifully renovated North Shoemaker, the original wing of a historic residence hall that since Normal School days has been home awayfrom home for thousands of students. While the $6.5 million project infused sleek technology and 21st century conveniences to North "Shoe," it retained the stately elegance of a 1915-built residence hall whose rooms still have hardwood floors and 11-foot ceilings.

Just as we are reintroducing a modernized North Shoemaker to campus, we are ready to reintroduce a reshaped and refocused St. Cloud State University to the world. And just as the renovation of North Shoe remained true to its heritage, St. Cloud State will move forward with pride not only in what we will be to future generations, but in all we have been to tens of thousands of successful graduates.

On the pages of this issue read about the deep and broad changes we are making, starting with our renewed commitment to ensuring that our students will receive a relevant, rigorous and well-rounded education. As we have worked through the process of assessing the changing needs of our students, we have responded with a new structure that reflects a focused academic identity.

Read about the two monumental construction projects that already are being called nothing short of gamechangers for our University, our community and our state.

Just underway is the Integrated Science and Engineering Laboratory Facility – or ISELF – that will be the largest single construction project ever on our campus. The $45 million building will be the capstone for our science campus and make St. Cloud State the most important catalyst for science education and science-based business in our state.

ISELF will move St. Cloud State into the forefront of interdisciplinary education and the discovery of integrated solutions to complex practical problems. This building will be a model for the kind of environment we want for our students in the coming decades.

The National Hockey and Event Center project, with a $14 million first phase set for groundbreaking this year, will build in beauty and functionality to the National Hockey Center and will give the community a muchneeded arena for concerts and major presentations.

Nothing underscores the scale and range of the changes that are happening on our campus better than these two landmark projects. They represent community engagement, experiential learning and sustainability in their best sense. They represent our future.

With all these exciting changes, it is the perfect time for St. Cloud State to launch a rebranding campaign that will reintroduce our new University to the world with refreshed and refocused language and images. We will tell our story in a way that the traditions as well as the transitions that together comprise the new St. Cloud State will be fully understood. We will ensure that “Education for Life” will be more than a mere slogan or catchphrase that the words represent a promise that we have kept and will continue to keep in new and better ways.

This is a special time for St. Cloud State, and a perfect time to reintroduce a refocused and reshaped St. Cloud State to the world.

From the President
Earl H. Potter III, President

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