Non-Traditional Students

Non-traditional Students


Student Life & Development invites you to peruse our website for Non-Traditional Students.  This website allows students to gain awareness of the information and programs that are available to Non-Traditional Students at St. Cloud State University.  Our goal is to meet the challenging needs of the Non-Traditional Student genre that includes students who are typically defined as someone who:

  • has multiple roles in addition to being a student, such as a full time employee, a spouse/partner or parent
  • is returning to a learning environment after a three or more year absence
  • is 25 years or older
  • is a veteran
  • is a refugee or person with immigrant status

St. Cloud State is committed to the success of all students, and provides programs and services to meet a wide array of needs and interests. Non-Traditional Students often have a unique set of needs and we are here to help provide you with the information you need to be a successful student.

Non-Traditional Students face unique challenges as they balance school, work, and family life. We understand and want to help.