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An Idea to A Proposal: A Systematic Process

A guide for Grant-Getters (also known as Principle Investigators).

1. Conceive idea: Discuss your idea with peers and a RSP representative to determine key concepts. 

The earlier RSP is involved in the discussion, the more support they can provide.

2. Identify potential funding sources: Use your key concepts to identify similar priorities and like interests with funding agencies.

a. Visit search for funding opportunities

3. Obtain funding agency guidelines:  Acquire guidelines and application forms from the appropriate sources. 

4. Preparing for proposal development: inform stakeholders and peers to gather important feedback and acknowledgements.

a. Discuss proposal with department and department chairs

b. Discuss proposal with Dean/VP/Supervisor
  • Confirm use of university services and personnel
  • Confirm use of SCSU facilities; disclose any construction needs
  • Confirm collaborations, subawards or vendors
  • Address intellectual property potential

c. Address compliance considerations

5. Contact funding agency:  Call, email, or visit the sponsor to ask questions and discuss the project.  Conversations with the program officers of funding agencies are critical to the success of a proposal.

6. Begin formulating proposal:  Write a proposal draft according to sponsor or agency guidelines.  Make notations of project budgetary needs along with written notes.  Contact RSP at any time for questions and submit preliminary draft as soon as they become available.

7. Begin formulating the budget: Based on notations within your proposal, utilized the budget template to draft budget. Identify proposal elements and craft contents according to specifications in guidelines.  Work with RSP to ensure narrative and budget alignment.  Review submission specifications.

8. Get required approvals for your upcoming submission

a. Complete Proposal Approval Form

b. Route Proposal Approval Form, with draft proposal & budget for required signatures

9. Solidary collaborations:  For projects involving partnerships between departments or with those external to campus, ensure that all parties are in agreement regarding their commitments.  Commitment forms or letters of collaboration may be required.

10. Finalize proposal, get feedback from colleagues, than review, revise, and rewrite.

  • Finalize narrative
  • Obtain supporting materials (letters of support, appendices, etc.)
  • Submit all final documents to RSP

11. Coordinate with RSP to SUBMIT proposal to funding agency!