• If you want to work in the medical device Regulatory Affairs, the RAS Program is the place for you.
    • RAS Program is the only Master’s Program in the US that focuses on medical devices.
    • RAS Program provides greater depth on medical device regulations than programs which also cover pharmaceutical and biologic regulations.
  • RAS Part Time Program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals.
    • Two year program with two classes in the fall and spring and one in the summer
    • Classes are 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM on Saturdays and 5:00 – 9:00 PM on weekday evenings.
  • RAS Part Time Program was designed and course curriculum taught by industry experts.
    • RAS Part Time Program was created by Chuck Swanson, world renowned expert in regulatory affairs and former head of regulatory at Medtronic.
    • Instructors are industry experts with 10 – 20+ years of experience in Regulatory Affairs and related fields.
    • RAS Part Time Program development guided by an Industry Advisory Board made up of some of industry’s most senior and experienced leaders in Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research and Quality.
  • Located in the Twin Cities, a leading economic cluster location with high employment specialization and share of the Medical Device industry.
  • RAS Part Time Program is available to students nationally via Adobe Connect.
    • Students connect synchronously to class and actively participate in lectures and discussions.
    • All class sessions are recorded for those who might miss a lecture and for study purposes..
    • RAS Program has three year of successful experience with remote learning via Adobe Connect.

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