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larry kuusisto


Dr. Larry Kuusisto
Program Director

I truly enjoy improving the careers of MedTech professionals through Education, and I’m fortunate to lead this exceptional program. There is no program quite like it, and none match its quality. At LifeScience Alley, we created a culture of sharing new knowledge and knowing one another. That’s what we do here. I remind students that when they arrive for class after spending their day at work, their instructors have done the same. And those instructors are leaders in the careers that the students seek. We’re developing a new generation of leaders, better prepared.

I took the reins of this program from Dr. Chuck Swanson, a retired leader of Regulatory Affairs at Medtronic. He hand-crafted this program over eight years and enlisted his colleagues not only in its design but in its instruction. Chuck created a model that higher education programs across the country look to for guidance. This is an exceptionally practical and focused program, based on competencies needed by Regulatory Affairs professionals and leaders.

In the past, regulatory professionals often started as scientists or engineers, learning about regulatory requirements on the job. As devices and regulations grew more complex there grew a need for formally trained professionals in the specialty. There was an overdue need and demand for this program. A unique approach of our program is its design, taking advantage of teams of working industry experts, developing a solid framework of knowledge, and also delivering up-to-the-minute content. This is a dynamic field and working professionals must learn continually.

We have assembled some of the best minds in medical device regulatory, clinical, quality, reimbursement, and FDA law to teach this program. Graduates of our program are highly sought after by the medical device industry. Our annual job fair brings these companies to our Twin Cities campus to meet with our students and graduates.

The RAS Program focuses on medical device regulatory affairs. We provide more depth into medical device requirements than master's programs covering the spectrum of drugs, biologics and medical devices. The RAS Program is also available to students nationwide. Using Adobe Connect remote students can connect synchronously and actively participate in class sessions.

The RAS-MS program is ideal if you seek a career as a medical device regulatory affairs professional, or deepen the expertise you already have. For more information contact ras@stcloudstate.edu

Click here for the history of the RAS Program.


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