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Office of Records and Registration

Faculty Resources - Class Lists

You are able to download your class list using the Online Services System. Follow these instructions to get started. (You may want to print this page so that you can refer back to it later.)

  1. Go to the Online Services System (
  2. At the login screen, enter your STARID.
  3. Enter your Password.
  4. After you have successfully logged in, click on the "Class Management" link. Click on "Class List".

Converting Class Lists to an Excel Spreadsheet

Class lists can be quickly copied from the MnSCU Online registration web site and pasted into any software that will accept cut and paste, including Excel spreadsheets that are used for grading. If you already understand basic copy and paste operations on your computer, try copying the table of student names and paste it wherever you need the information.

If you aren’t comfortable with copy and paste, here are some helpful instructions:

  1. Open up a spreadsheet that will receive the imported data, so that it will be ready later.
  2. Access the Online Services System ( as described (see above), select the "Class List" option, then choose a "Course Section" and display the "Class List" roster.
  3. Once the individual section list appears, left click with the mouse on the first number of the first student on the list, then holding the left mouse button down, move the mouse down through the table and to the right, selecting the entire table. Your browser should scroll so that all names can be selected, even if they can’t all display at one time. All columns in the table will be automatically selected (highlighted), but unneeded information can be deleted later. Make sure that the entire list is selected (highlighting means the text will be displayed in reverse video). Release the left mouse button (the information you want to copy should still be highlighted), then right click anywhere in the selected text. In the drop down menu, select "Copy".
  4. Switch to the window containing the spreadsheet.
    Note: If you are pasting into an existing grade sheet, make sure there is room for all the rows and columns to fit or information may be overwritten. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL TO MAKE BACKUPS before you paste into a grading spreadsheet that contains more than data (formulas, cells for assigning grades, etc.). A better choice would be to paste into a blank spreadsheet first, then copy and paste from there into the final grading spreadsheet.
  5. Right click (option-click for Mac) on the cell that will be the upper left corner of the columns of imported data (remember that you get the entire table, not just Tech ID’s and names). From the dropdown menu, select "Paste". The student information will auto-magically appear, eliminating the need to key it manually and reducing the risk of typos.
  6. Since the class roster data can only be imported as a full table, there will be some useless information and blank columns that you will want to get rid of (Home Campus, Last Data Attended, etc.). If you pasted into a blank spreadsheet, you can delete the columns. If the data is pasted into a spreadsheet with formulas and/or other data, make sure you are not deleting formulas/data when you get rid of unnecessary data columns.
  7. To clean up, select the entire spreadsheet column by clicking at the top, then right click (option-click for Mac) and select "Delete". Once the extra columns are gone, the desired columns, such as Tech ID and Name can be selected and pasted into a master grading spreadsheet that contains formulas, or a table in a word processor, into a database, etc.

Disclaimer: The preceding was done in a Windows environment. The browser was MS Internet Explorer, and spreadsheet was Excel. If you have problems with other software or environments, contact the help desk. "Copy and Paste" is supported by many software packages and environments.

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