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This is for informational purposes only. Please see your advisor for strategic academic planning. Javascript is required to use this calculator.

These calculators allow you to forecast your cumulative GPA, as well as your course completion rate. They will work upon information that you provide and are tools meant for your personal use. If you need assistance with calculating your GPA, please contact the Office of Records & Registration at 308-2111. This is NOT connected with your records in any way and will not give you "official" information. Your results may change based on your academic performance during the current or upcoming semester.

Please Note:

Step 1. Current Information

Your current credit completion rate includes local and transfer credits. Login to e-Services and click on the “Grades and Transcripts” link to access your academic record. To compute your credit completion rate:

  1. Go to the section at the end of your academic record (transcript) labeled: "Career Undergrad Summary - Semester Hours".
  2. Find information on the lines labeled: "Local" & "Total". These lines tally information related to your academic performance at St. Cloud State University.
  3. Enter your current information found on these lines. Refer to the image below.

Completion Rate Calculation

Total Cumulative Attempted Credits:
Total Cumulative Earned Credits:
Registered/Current Credits: (does not appear above)

Cumulative Completion Rate:

Step 2. Semester Forecast

GPA Calculation

Local Cumulative GPA Credits:
Local Cumulative GPA Points:
Local Cumulative GPA:

This table allows you to forecast the impact of your current or upcoming semester on your academic performance. For accurate calculations, use ONLY St. Cloud State University credits with this semester forecaster.

Course No. of Credits Anticipated
Repeat? Previous Grade

What will be my GPA/credit completion rate after this semester?  

Semester GPA: Semester Completion Rate:
Cumulative GPA: Cumulative Completion Rate:

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