Residential Life Students eating in Garvey

Student Testimonials


Tiffany Wells

Hometown: Northfield, MN

"The best benefit of living on campus are the great experiences and the friendly atmosphere. Benefits of living on campus are friends, experiences and you are always close to everything on campus. Live on campus! It's great!"


Ernesto Reges

Hometown: Farmington, Minnesota

"The best thing about of living on campus is how close you are to your classes and you get to meet a lot of new people. You get a great sense of community when you live in the residence halls. if your are undecided about living on campus, unless your classes are close together, it takes too much time going back and forth from classes if you are off campus."


Calista Huls

Hometown: Farmington, Minnesota

"Being right in the middle of everything and the convenience to make it easy to participate in on campus events are a few things that make residential living on campus so great. Being close to classes, the Garvey meal plan means no cooking. There are so many activities to attend and you get to live with other people your age. If you are undecided about living on campus you should definitely do it. It is a great experience."


Troy Feddor

Hometown: Coon Rapids, Minnesota

"Living on campus is a great experience because you get to see a lot of people and meet new people fast. It is nice because you are right on campus and can get to events and buildings a lot faster. You should live on campus. Its a blast!"


Derek Barett

Hometown: Andover, Minnesota

"Resident Hall Directors are just lovely. They make great friends and at the same time continue to do their job exceptionally well. It is great always being so close to everyone and everything. Living on campus is fun and easy. You should do it!"


Steven Bebel

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

"The best thing about living on campus is being able to nework and getting to meet all kinds of people and being able to be involved. You definitely should try living on campus. It is a great experience."


Courtney Keyes

Hometown: Jamestown, North Dakota

"Living on campus is great because of the proximity. You are close to everything and all your classes. It makes involvement in activities easier."