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Why live on campus?

While convenience may be the most obvious benefit associated with living on campus, you will find that there are numerous benefits associated with living in a residential community at St. Cloud State University.

Why Campus?


  • Living on campus at SCSU puts you at the center of daily university life! On campus, you are a short walk away from classes, professors, the library, academic resources, recreation facilities, a hockey game or an organization meeting.
  • You will have access to services you just can’t get living off campus. Everything you need is conveniently located in the halls such as laser printers, laundry facilities, meeting rooms, and TV lounges. And, currently, most of the residence halls remain available during academic breaks. Each year there are a couple that remain closed during the break periods so be sure to know which halls these care by contacting the Department of Residential Life.
  • Living on campus is a great value. Choosing to live in campus housing means that everything is included in one payment per semester. There are no hidden costs. Even your meals are included!
  • Don't waste time sitting in traffic or driving all around trying to find a parking space and wasting your valuable gas. By living on campus you may ride the Metro Bus system for free anywhere in the St. Cloud area just by showing them your SCSU ID card. All classes are less than a 5-10 minute walk away so you roll out of bed, brush your teeth and head off to class. Don't tell your parent's this, but you don't even need to have a car on campus to easily get around.

Personal Support

  • College is associated with a lot of transition. You’re not on your own academically or socially in the residence halls. It makes for an easier transition when you live with people going through the same experiences as you, along with returning students who went through this transition in the past.
  • You have access to live-in staff that care about students and are always available for support, assistance and advice.
  • The Residential Life staff intentionally coordinate weekly/monthly activities and programs to enhance the learning that takes place outside of the classroom environment. We will help to introduce you to new people and new perspectives. As a result, you will have the opportunity to make connections and friendships from all over the world.
  • Most residence halls also have computer labs in the building and are available to all students.. This provides a great resource for students who may not have access to a computer and printer.

Academic Support

  • Research shows that students who live on campus tend to have a higher GPA, are more involved in college, and have higher rates of graduation than those classmates who live off campus. Living on campus you have easy access to academic support resources such as The Write Place, computer labs, the Miller Center (Campus library), and faculty offices.
  • The residence hall staff is also committed to your academic success, and plans programs on topics such as improving study skills and time management. Education does not stop outside of the classroom walls. More than 80% of your time will be spent outside of the classroom, within the residence halls and we feel that out job is to assist and partner in this educational effort.

Safety and Security

Public Safety Officers and the residence hall staff offer assistance 24 hours a day. Some of the specific safety measures we provide to create a safe and secure environment are:

  • Student room doors are equipped with peepholes and common area bathrooms have security locks.
  • The residence hall back, side and front doors are locked at 7pm every night.
  • There is a security person by the front doors from 9:00 pm until 4:00 am. Students who live in the hall are asked to use their card access or entrance key and check in their guests—who must have a photo ID.
  • Beginning Friday evenings at 7 p.m., the residence hall doors are locked continuously during the entire weekend until Monday morning. Students must use their entrance key to gain entrance to the building during these weekend hours.
  • Community Advisors do rounds of the building during the evenings and the night security staff are on duty from midnight until 4 am every night, they also do rounds and ensure there is a safe and secure environment. Sherburne Hall is open 24 hours a day during the academic year.
  • Campus has several "Blue Light Emergency Phones" throughout the campus if student's should need them. This provides direct access to our Public Safety staff.
  • Public Safety has a free escort service for those students who do not wish to walk alone, anytime of the day or evening.
  • Campus Shuttles provide transportation to and from the parking areas on the south end of campus to the north end of campus during regular published times.
  • The Residence Halls and several campus buildings have security cameras in central locations to monitor daily activity in these buildings and to provide additional safety measures.

Meet new people/new experiences

  • Living on campus puts you right in the middle of the action and fun. The opportunities to participate in educational, cultural, social and physical activities and events are endless. There are basketball and volleyball courts adjacent to several of the residence halls, with ping-pong and pool tables indoors. Just as academics are an important part of your education, residential life activities also provide you with an important aspect of the total college experience!
  • You will live with a wide variety of students because residents living in the halls hail from Minnesota, throughout the United States and more than 90 plus countries around the world! The residence halls are a perfect forum for learning more about yourself and others from different cultures, ages, ideas, personalities and ethnic backgrounds.
  • There are leadership and employment opportunities throughout the residential life department in activities such as community council or RHA (Residence Hall Association). There are also paid positions such as Community Advisors, Night Security staff, desk assistants, or computer lab assistants.


  • Residence hall costs (*Stateview, Lawrence, Shoemaker, Benton, Case-Hill, and Coborn Plaza Apartments costs differ)


  • Living on campus is a great value. It’s easy to budget when you know exactly what your expenses will be. In the halls there are no hookup charges for internet or cable TV. There are no deposits or hidden costs. First year students are required to be on a meal plan during their first year of on campus living. This means there are no dishes to do and healthy eating options are available. Students have a choice after this time period to cook their own meals or remain on one of our many meal plans. Additionally, on campus students can also use their "Munch Money" at a variety of dining options available on the SCSU campus, thus providing for more dining options and variety. Our residence hall costs are well below the national average, making them very affordable for students. This includes everything (food, utilities, laundry, cable TV, campus network services such as gaming support, etc.). This means no extra bills, hidden surprises or worries". 
  • Additionally, you also have the option of paying your room and board with our Installment Plan. Instead of having to come up with the full payment all at once, you can make 3 installment payments if you wish for a nominal fee. You can't beat that!
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