An Engaged Community

Reorganization at St. Cloud State University

IMAGINE : SCSUReorganization is moving St. Cloud State forward with sharpened focus. Campus-wide conversations about strategic planning and program appraisal, accelerated by economic challenges and state budget cuts, have been the driving force behind this important process to create a more effective and efficient university.

Reorganization has clarified the priorities that are essential to achieving our mission of preparing graduates for work and life in the 21st century. Current students should see little disruption as we move to a new structure.  In the long term our students will benefit from programs that are more rigorous and relevant as the University develops an academic identity built upon four pillars that support an enhanced total educational experience at St. Cloud State University:

  1. Community Engagement – we must be what we teach in order to provide our students role models and real-life in action examples of what they are leaning in the classroom
  2. Active Learning – we must provide opportunities to put classroom learning into action in order to provide our students with practical experience and reinforcement of their learning
  3. Sustainability in its broadest sense – we must tend to our community as well as the physical environment so that our students can have real opportunities to succeed
  4. Globalization – we must be attentive to a changing world and agile in our adaptation to new developments in order to ensure that our students are prepared for a world in which nothing is static and knowledge rapidly becomes obsolete

Reorganization discussions will continue to guide our University in decision-making that will build sustainable programs that allow students to accomplish their goals.  
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