Bachelors of Science - Social Work Major

The bachelors program prepares social work majors for entry-level professional positions in the social welfare and human service delivery system, or entry into graduate school.

The Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Committee first approved the Bachelor of Science in Social Work Degree (BSW) in 1973.

The National Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredits the bachelors program. The program was last accredited in 2005.

The social work program combines a liberal arts base with an intensive core of social work classes and field practice experience. Students integrate theoretical knowledge, values and ethics exploration, and skill development in applying a generalist model of social work practice. A strong emphasis of the program is on diversity and social justice.

Students will seek admission into the major during the semester that they are taking SW 340.

A grade point average of 2.6 is required for admission to major. All social work courses and social work pre-core courses require a grade of "C-" or above. Students must re-take any of the above classes in which their grade is below a "C-".

Below is the recent assessment data of student achievement for St. Cloud State University BSW Students:

BSW Program Assessment Summary

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