Master of Social Work

The Program

The master’s program prepares Advanced Generalist practitioners.  An Advanced Generalist possesses:

  • A broad array of knowledge and skills needed for practice
  • Skills for bringing about change and promoting social justice
  • A focus on the person-situation-environment, with an emphasis on the social context of practice, including psychological, socio-cultural, and political environments
  • Knowledge, values, and skills to assess the influence of context to plan interventions and refine interventions through on-going assessment at multiple levels
  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct research and ascertain cutting edge intervention technologies
  • The skills of empowerment and sustainability, achieved through program development, linkages between organizations and programs, community change, and policy development
  • A readiness to move into higher level organizational positions and engage in independent practice

Our Mission is to prepare social work professionals at the advanced generalist level who can practice across a variety of social service settings. Students will be prepared to work effectively and collaboratively as professional social workers to enhance human well-being and promote economic, political, and social justice in a diverse and global society. Using anti-oppressive, justice centered, and community based practice approaches, the MSW program will engage students in an educational program that prepares them to think critically and evaluate practice and programs and contribute to the body of social work knowledge through active research.

Scholarship Opportunities


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