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Stephen Philion


Ph.D  (University of Hawaii), 2004

Director, Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota

Chair, Greater Minnesota Worker CenterStephen Philion

Phone: 320-308-5497
Stewart Hall 256

Dr. Philion's CV

Dr. Philion was a finalist for the Thomas Erlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award, a national award presented by the US Campus Compact.

Dr. Philion was nominated for this award by SCSU President Earl Potter lll. Dr.Philion presented on an award finalists' panel at the prestigious Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC & U) annual meeting in Atlanta, GA in January, 2013.

In 2013, in collaboration with community and labor leaders in St. Cloud, he helped established and currently serves as chair of the Greater Minnesota Worker Center

Dr. Philion also won a Taiwan Research Fellowship, from the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, funding his research for 4 months in spring, 2013, on Labor Movement Activism Linkages in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Dr. Philion was a Guest Foreign Researcher at Shihhsin University Graduate Program on Social Transformation. As part of his research, he helped organize a cross-Strait (in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) same day demonstration protesting a Taiwanese supplier to Adidas for abandoning a factory in China without fully compensating left behind workers who suffered from workplace illnesses.

He published a book titled Workers' Democracy in China's Transition from Socialism, (Routledge: Taylor and Francis, 2009--Recent review of the book can be found here).

He has chaired 2 Theses that have won SCSU Distinguished Thesis Awards, written by his advisees Angela Brown (2012) and Carmelle Case Adams (2008).

He also has participated in the founding of the SCSU Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota and was appointed director in fall 2009. WJON radio conducted an interview with Dr. Philion and SCSU President Earl H. Potter III
Listen Here!

The Research Group sponsored a Dec. 2009 talk by Nelly Ortiz on the topic, "Why We Leave: A Firsthand Account of Migration to the US". . The Research Group also has sponsored an annual St. Cloud State signature event called Global Goes Local Conference: The Social Conditions of Immigrant Workers and Families in Minnesota

He lived for a period of 5 years in Taiwan and almost 2 years in Mainland China. In China, he researched the impact of privatization (and more broadly globalization) on workers across the Taiwan Straits. He has spent much time interviewing laid-off workers and labor movement organizers and supporters throughout Mainland China.

Recently, he served as Co-editor of Summer 2011 Special Volume of China Left Review on "Historical Legacies, Global Financial Crisis,
and China’s Working Class Movement." His article "By What Right Do Chinese Workers Fight For Rights?" also appeared in this volume.

Classes that he teaches at the undergraduate and graduate levels include Social Theory, Race and Ethnic Relations, Sociology of Religion, Global and Racial Inequalities, and China and Globalization.

His most recent publication "The Impact of Social Movements on Taiwan's Democracy," an invited discussant article in the March 2010 volume of the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs

He published an article titled, "Is Race REALLY Controversial in the University Classroom?" in the June, 2009 edition of The Journal for Critical Educational Policies.

He has also published academic articles on topics including:

Theorizing Class and Social Movements

Chinese Workers' Protests against Privatization,

Fieldwork Encounters with Chinese Workers, and

Against Smorgasbord Approaches to Teaching Race , [with Lindah Mhando]  

Steve published an interview with Chinese economist Han Deqiang on the Social Costs of Neo-liberalism in China in Dollars and Sense

Steve also has published two web interviews with Jerry Lembcke critiquing the role of conspiracy theory in today's anti-war movments and on the impact of the myth of spat-on Vietnam Veterans on the anti-war movement

All his publications, teaching syllabi, and other information on Stephen Philion can be found at his webpage at