Introduction to STEM at SCSU

St. Cloud State University is dedicated to preserving and promoting an integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)program at a time when schools must make difficult decisions based on tight budgets and reduced funding. Because of that dedication, SCSU has developed a variety of STEM activities. Two major areas of focus include the Mobile Lab Program and STEM teacher preparation.

The Mobile Lab Program is designed to enhance the education of high-school, middle-school, and elementary students by providing high-tech equipment and high-quality curriculum to Minnesota Schools. 

There are 2 components to the Mobile Lab program: the Science Express and the Technology & Engineering Express (T&E Express). The Science Express is an 18-wheel trailer with slide-outs designed as a mobile classroom to provide advanced science instruction. The T&E Express is composed of 2 small trailers designed to move industry-standard equipment —e.g., 3D equipment, CNCs, robotics, and environmental technologies—for use in area schools. 

Through STEM teacher preparation, teachers will be able to secure the training they need—through graduate classes offered at convenient times—to use the equipment confidently and effectively in their own classrooms.  Part of the training also includes access to curriculum and curriculum ideas that are designed to support their individual programs already in place.


Minnesota's leadership in teaching math and science has led to the creation of new frameworks that assist teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in delivering world-class standards. View video showing some of these frameworks now.

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