Student Handbook

President's Welcome

Welcome to St. Cloud State University! We wish you a successful academic year and encourage you to make the most of this year. This is an exciting time at St. Cloud State University and we look forward to your participation in the life of the academic community by pursuing your dreams and by becoming involved in the co-curricular life of the University.

This Student Handbook is designed to assist you in becoming acquainted with the University community, as well as its policies and procedures. It will provide you with information on the many services and programs at St. Cloud State University and will serve as a resource while you are a student at SCSU. The Handbook also contains the Student Code of Conduct, specifically, information on how to be a responsible member of the community.

Make the most of your time here. Get involved in the University community and make St. Cloud State your own. We look forward to your contributions to the SCSU family and wish you much success this year.

President Earl H. Potter III

Community Expectations and the Student Code of Conduct

The Student Handbook contains many of the policies and procedures with which all students are expected to be familiar with and follow as members of the SCSU community. The most basic of these is the Student Code of Conduct which assists all students in understanding their rights, responsibilities and privileges as a St. Cloud State University student. Other select policies and procedures of the University are also included. Questions concerning the Student Code of Conduct or interpretations of policies and procedures may be addressed to the Office of Student Life and Development in Atwood Memorial Center 219 or by calling (320) 308-3111.


This edition supersedes all previous editions of the St. Cloud State University Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct, in both printed and on-line formats. Every effort was made to ensure that the information was accurate at the time of publication. Students should consider the Student Handbook website and the St. Cloud State University website as the repository of the most current and accurate information. All policies, schedules and other information are subject to change without notice and do not constitute an irrevocable contract between any student and St. Cloud State University.


The Student Handbook is published by the Office of Student Life and Development, Atwood Memorial Center 219, or (320) 308-3111. TTY: 1-800-627-3529.

Alternative Formats

St. Cloud State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity educator and employer. Requests for the St. Cloud State University Student Handbook in alternative formats may be made by contacting the Office of Student Life and Development in Atwood Memorial Center 219, or by calling (320) 308-3111. TTY: 1-800-627-3529.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

No person shall be discriminated against in the terms and conditions of employment, personnel practices, or access to and participation in, programs, services, and activities with regard to race, sex, color creed, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. In addition, discrimination in employment based on membership or activity in a local commission as defined by law is prohibited.

Harassment on the basis of race, sex, color , creed, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression is prohibited. Harassment may occur in a variety of relationships, including faculty and student, supervisor and employee, student and student, staff and student, employee and employee and other relationships with persons having business at, or visiting the educational or working environment.

This policy is directed at verbal or physical conduct that constitutes discrimination/harassment under state and federal law and is not directed at the content of speech. In cases in which verbal statement and other forms of expression are involved, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities will give due consideration to an individual's constitutionally protected right to free speech and academic freedom. However, discrimination and harassment are not within the protections of academic freedom or free speech. The system office, college and universities shall maintain and encourage full freedom within the law, of expression, inquiry, teaching and research. Academic freedom comes with a responsibility that all members of our education community benefit from it without intimidation, exploitation or coercion.

This policy shall apply to all individuals affiliated with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, including, but not limited to, its students, employees, applicants, volunteers, agents, and Board of Trustees, and is intended to protect the rights and privacy of both the complainant and respondent and other involved individuals, as well as to prevent retaliation or reprisal. Individuals who violate this policy shall be subject to disciplinary or other corrective action.

This policy supersedes all existing system, college, and university equal opportunity and nondiscrimination policies.

St. Cloud State University is committed to providing equal education and employment opportunities to all students and employees regardless of of race, color, creed, sex, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identification, gender identity, national origin, disability, or other mentioned immutable characteristics. To carry out this commitment, St. Cloud State University not only prohibits discrimination in policy and process, but takes affirmative steps to prevent sexual and discriminatory harassment in the workplace and classroom.

St. Cloud State University students or employees with concerns or uncertainty about possible harassment or discrimination are encouraged to contact Ellyn L. Bartges, University Designated Officer, Equity & Access Officer and Title IX Coordinator, at 320-308-5123 or via email at At you will find St. Cloud State University policies, procedures and resources pertaining to discrimination, harassment and sexual violence.