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Twin Cities Graduate Center
6401 Sycamore Court N.
Maple Grove, MN 55369

(320) 308-6000

Download our Facility Information Guide (pdf) for more information.

Faculty Responsibilities

SCSU Campus Card

Suites and classrooms at the TCGC are locked and require an activated SCSU Campus Card for access. The TCGC office manager arranges activation each academic term. Faculty cards are activated for the semester in which the faculty members teach at the TCGC. Campus Cards are not transferable. For your protection, do not lend your Card to other individuals.

Class Cancellation

It is suggested faculty inform the TCGC office manager if a class session is cancelled. It is also suggested that faculty call the TCGC at (320) 308-6000 if their arrival to class will be unexpectedly late to keep students informed.

Classroom Maintenance

Faculty are welcome and encouraged to arrange the moveable tables and chairs within the classroom to best meet their teaching environment needs. Upon conclusion of the class meeting, faculty are expected to ensure tables and chairs in the classroom are arranged in lecture–style seating, remove handouts and stray papers, power down technology equipment as per instructions on page 7 of the Facility Information Guide, turn off classroom lights, close the door, and make certain the classroom door is locked.

Make-up Exams

Faculty are responsible for administering their own make-up exams or finding a proctor. The TCGC office manager is authorized to proctor exams during regular business hours. Students may use TCGC faculty office space for make-up exams if supervised by a faculty member or an authorized proctor.

Student Security

Faculty are responsible for their own students. It is suggested faculty provide students and the TCGC office manager with cell phone contact information in the event of an emergency situation—this is especially important for weekend classes.

Students may not be left in the TCGC suite(s) without faculty or staff supervision. If the TCGC office manager is not on duty, faculty must stay in the facility until all students have exited the suite(s); faculty are then responsible for securing the suite(s) as described in Suite Security below.

Suite Security

Suites 100 and 175 must be secured at the end of the day by a faculty or staff member. The last faculty or staff member departing from each suite is responsible for securing the area—1) turn off lights (leave sign spotlights on); 2) close classroom and suite doors; and, 3) test doors to make sure they are completely closed and locked (magnetic locking system).