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Although the Dance Minor at St. Cloud State University has been discontinued, the Department of Theatre and Film Studies still offers Dance coursework on a regular basis. These courses are beneficial to students who wish to complement their Major study (in fields such as Education, the Arts, Health and Physical Sciences, etc.) or are looking for a creative movement outlet.

Each semester, we offer the following Liberal Education courses:

DANC 142. Dance for Everyone [Goal 6]
An introduction to fundamental techniques of contemporary dance forms: ballet, modern, jazz.

DANC 341. Global Dance Perspectives [Goal 6, Goal 8] (Diversity/MGM)
A survey of world dance from pre-history to the present, tracing its religious social, ritualistic, theatrical, and aesthetic connections to human culture.

In addition, we regularly offer 2-credit courses in Ballroom dance, Hip Hop, and other areas according to interest and demand.

Please contact the Department of Theatre and Film Studies for more information.

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