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WelcomeTheatre and Film Studies at St. Cloud State University

Our program offers students the opportunity to major or minor in a diverse film curriculum that prepares them for a variety of careers in visual expression and understanding. Students in this program study all forms and genres of film and see works ranging from the silent era to the present day. Our faculty members are committed to providing a broad international perspective, high quality creative experiences, and a strong emphasis on writing and critical thinking.

The SCSU Department of Theatre & Film Studies offers a B.A. in Film (40 cr. major, 24 cr. minor) that includes courses in history, criticism, and aesthetics as well as filmmaking, screen writing, and multi-disciplinary creation.

No undergraduate program in the nation has a greater variety of film studies courses.

No undergraduate in the nation has a more diverse, global film curriculum within a single department.

No film program in the Midwest has sent as many students to the Telluride Film Festival Student Colloquium as we have.

As of spring, 2010, we have 63 majors, 34 minors, and 21 intended majors. Our film courses have a combined enrollment of more than 500 students each semester.

SCSU: Home of the Thinking Person's Film Program!

Our Alumni

St. Cloud State film students have found success in a broad range of fields. TyRuben Ellingson went on to be Visual Effects Art Director for Jurassic Park. Chris Sieving teaches film at Notre Dame. Heidi Dietze makes film an integral part of her public history presentations for the National Park Service in Washington, D.C. Kelly Ryan is a technical consultant for the major Hollywood studios. Lucas Stensland is a film critic for Matt Welters is a producer for Before & After. Rebecca Jackson went on to study at the London School of Film. Julie Wilcox became Director of Programming at Jacksonville University. Jason DeGroot launched his own comic book. And these are just a few of our alums and the ways they have put their knowledge of the moving image arts to work.


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