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Programming Topics

  • Why Do We Drink?
  • What is a Standard Drink?
  • Alcohol 101
  • Pouring Demonstration
  • High Risk Behaviors Identification
  • Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
  • Biphasic Effects of Alcohol
  • Drug Interactions with Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Sexual Consent
  • Alcohol Myopia
  • Alcohol and Academics
  • Bar Lab Experiment
  • Alcohol and Performance
  • Alcohol-Induced Blackout
  • Strategies for Lowering Risk
  • Alcohol Dependance
  • Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms and Detox
  • Cost of High Risk Alcohol Use—Financially, Academically, Physically, and Personally
  • How to Help a Friend

Group Presentations & Self-Referral Classes

Group Presentations

To request a presentation for your group on topics such as:

  • Alcohol Use/Abuse
  • Academic Performance
  • Athletic Performance
  • Alcohol’s Impact on your Student Organization and Marijuana and Other Drugs

Please fill out the “Schedule a Presentation Form”. We will contact you shortly about your request!

Self-Referral Presentations

Are you curious about learning more about how alcohol affects your life? Sign up for a NO COST UChoose Self Referred class today!

Have you ever wondered…

  • What went wrong after a night of drinking?
  • What does it mean to blackout?
  • How much do St. Cloud students drink?
  • Does alcohol affect my academics?
  • How much is too much?
  • Why do you make poor choices when drinking?
  • How does alcohol work?
  • How many calories are in alcohol?
  • Why does alcohol affect people differently?
  • What does alcohol poisoning look like?
  • How do I help a friend if they drank too much?

Join us for a fun and interactive presentation that will answer these questions and many more. The presentation is free and you will receive a customized blood alcohol card and other information to help U-Choose what you want from your alcohol use.

The presentation can also be scheduled for groups. Feel free to check out the Self-Referral program to determine if you want to schedule a program for your organization or team. To sign up for a Self Referral class, please call (320) 308-6175.

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