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Throwing a Party?

Here is a few tips on how to be a

Responsible Party Thrower

As the host of a party, it is your responsibility to lookout for the safety of your guests.  While you may not be able to monitor every guests drinking, as a host there are a number of things you can do to limit the negative outcomes and still have a fun and safe party. 

Before the Party

  • Educate yourself about local ordinances for noise, mass gatherings, and alcohol.
  • Let your neighbors know you are hosting a party, and give them your number, this way, if there is a problem they can call you first instead of the police.
  • Consider your neighborhood, don’t let the noise get out of control.
  • Lock your valuables.
  • Discuss the party end time with your roommates.

During the Party

  • Create a guest list and check ID's at the door. Having a list can help avoid uninvited guests. Ensure those consuming alcohol are of the legal drinking age. You can be held criminally responsible for providing a space for minors to consume alcohol.
  • Serve non-alcoholic beverages such as non-alcoholic punch, mocktails, fruit juice or soft drinks.  This allows guests to alternate non-alcoholic beverages with alcoholic ones if they are choosing to drink.
  • Having water on hand will also help keeps your guests hydrated.  This may help reduce the effects of hangovers.
  • Serve food! While food does not prevent intoxication, it does slow down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the body.
  • Call 911 immediately in the case of an emergency.
  • Should the police show up, allow the officers to do their job without interference by following their instruction.
  • Make sure that your guests have safe ways to get home. You may consider the St. Cloud Metro Bus

After the Party

  • Make sure that you clean up any trash after the party.  If you keep the neighborhood clean, your neighbors are less likely to have problems with future parties.
  • Talk with your neighbors.  This will allow you to receive feedback on how the party went from their perspective. 

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