49th Annual Winter Institute - Business & Economic Leadership Summit - St. Cloud State University

49th Annual Winter Institute - Business & Economic Leadership Summit

48th Annual Winter Institute - Business & Ecomonic Leadership Summit - St. Cloud State University

Thursday, March 3rd

St. Cloud State University

Thank you to all who attended the 2011 Winter Institute! In order to help us improve the event for next year, please fill out the 2011 Winter Institute Survey. Thank you!

Photos from the 2010 Winter Institute.



Is the “Jobless” Recession due to Outsourcing or Lack of Area Skilled Workers? What Skills do Employers Need to Stay on the Cutting Edge?

The 49th Annual Winter Institute combines academic and business expertise to analyze and respond to the labor market of tomorrow. We offer valuable predictions about the skills successful employers require to stay on the cutting edge and how to create and maintain such expertise. The morning & luncheon events present straightforward discussions of labor market theory and predictions. The afternoon events propose business insights and bold forecasts. All events provide insights to guide you successfully into the future.

For Students and Academic Professionals:

  • What future does the Chairman and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis forecast?
  • What does the New Economy have in store for workers and employers?
  • When do we start training workers? When can we stop? What types of training are most effective?

For Business and Community Leaders:

  • How can you align your organization to take advantage of the upcoming economic landscape?
  • Engage with leaders in your community and industry to discuss your labor needs and how to find quality workers.
  • Implement ideas about creating and maintaining quality labor in the short-term and long-term.
  • How can employers keep quality workers?