The 50th Annual Winter Institute - St. Cloud State University

Useful Information

  • For information about the locations of the Winter Institute events and the driving directions to these locations, please click the link Location: Day 1 and Day 2 on the left.
  • Information about St. Cloud:
  • Most updated St. Cloud weather forecast, by SCSU’s Bob Weismann
  • Information about the organizers:
    • The Department of Economics at SCSU has been in charge of coordinating all the efforts in organizing the Winter Institute for 50 years!
    • The School of Public Affairs is the new home of the department (new in 2011!) and the organizational backer of the Winter Institute:
    • The Center for Continuing Studies offers the logistic support to assure the success of the Winter Institute:
    • SCSU’s Welcome Center at Coborn Plaza serves as the link between the university campus and St. Cloud community. Please check out their rental spaces for members of the community:
  • For information about our partners and supporters, please click the link Support the Winter Institute on the left.


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